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Copy Link Nevyžaduje restart

Adds a "Copy Link" menu item to the context menu for links on Fennec.

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Advance Video Search Engine 3gp, mp4, flv, avi Nevyžaduje restart

Advance Video Search Engine
Search Video With Sorting Option
Watch 100 Billion Video Live, Search Video, Playlist,
videos direct download 3gp, mp4 and more..

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Heartbleed Nevyžaduje restart

Warn when visiting hosts vulnerable to the Heartbleed attack by overlaying the page with a bleeding heart

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No more Facebook redirect Nevyžaduje restart

prevent facebook to redirect link to to save your time.

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Ubuntu-hu eszköztár

Ubuntu-hu eszköztár a gyors eléréshez.

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Long-Tap Search Nevyžaduje restart

Search selected text with various search engines from the long-tap context menu.
This add-on provides the way to quickly search the selected text with your favorite search engines.

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Vagex Firefox Add-on

Vagex is a view exchange site which will expose your video to thousands of members in order to increase the view count. With our system, YouTube will see all the views your videos are getting and promote it even more, having a sort of viral effect.

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Network Preferences Add-on Nevyžaduje restart

Network Preferences add-on for Firefox for Android

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View Source Mobile Nevyžaduje restart

Adds 'View Source' menu.

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StartHQ Nevyžaduje restart

StartHQ is a launcher and new tab replacement.

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Yair Lapid Stop Barking Nevyžaduje restart

גם אתם מכורים לאתרי חדשות, אבל לא סובלים את המבט המתנשא והיהיר של יאיר לפיד? נמאס לכם מהחיוך הלגלגני והמראה הזחוח? לפיד די לקשקש בזנב היא אפליקציה קטנה
שמחליפה באופן אוטומטי תמונות של יאיר לפיד בתמונות חמודות של כלבי שנאוצר

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No más 900 Nevyžaduje restart

Encuentra los números equivalentes a los 900 directamente desde Firefox.

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Translate Button Nevyžaduje restart

Ikona pro překlad aktuální stránky do vašeho jazyka. Po kliknutí na ikonu je stránka načtena do Google translatoru a přeložena.

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I love apps Nevyžaduje restart

Send uris to apps

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No More .org Nevyžaduje restart

No More .org prevents Firefox from loading websites with .org in the URL. This add-on was made for testing in Firefox

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Password Exposer Nevyžaduje restart

Adds "Show password" menu into the long-tap context menu on a password field.
It would become easy to edit and confirm the password for yourself.

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CookiesOK Nevyžaduje restart

CookiesOK aims to automatically accept cookies on websites that are affected by the recent (26-02-2011) EU cookie laws.

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Quit Firefox (for mobile) Nevyžaduje restart

Enables the user to quit Firefox on-demand.

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Lock Nevyžaduje restart

Permission to browse! Lock Firefox to avoid unwanted browsing by others.

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Passwordgen for Firefox Android Nevyžaduje restart

This is a hash-based password generator, which means that all you have to remember now is a single strong master password - nevertheless, with Passwordgen you will have a different password for each account!

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