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An add-on to convert your text to speech

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Tetris Game

Tetris is a tile-matching puzzle game.

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Auto HD|LQ for YouTube™

Play YouTube™ Videos in the Highest or Lowest Available Quality

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Polskie Radio podcast download

Obsługa wbudowanego playera, aktualizuj: https://addons.mozilla.org/pl/firefox/addon/podcast-polskieradio/versions/0.9

Dodaje opcję pobierania (link "Pobierz") podcastów ze stron Polskiego Radia http://polskieradio.pl/ do plików MP3/FLV na dysk.

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Lightweight Themes Switcher Doporučené

Change the Lightweight Themes easily from the menu.

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A Simple Addon Just Right Click on any Video and Choose Download Mp3

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Location Guard

Hide your geographic location from websites. Report a fake location with the addition of random noise in order to protect your privacy. Per site settings with three configurable levels of accuracy or even the possibility to use a fixed location.

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Facebook Chat Seen Blocker

Facebook™ Seen Blocker allows you to read your Facebook messages without notifying the sender.

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Toggle Mixed Active Content

An icon that toggles the preference of blocking mixed active content.
Preference Name: security.mixed_content.block_active_content

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Blend in the crowd by faking to be the most common Firefox browser version, operating system and other stuff.

See the addon homepage for more information.

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VPN Unlimited - Private & Secure Web Proxy

Protect your privacy and get unlimited access to your favorite websites worldwide with VPN Unlimited!

Join millions of users who trust VPN Unlimited to keep their data private and secure.

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To Google Translate

Right-click on a section of text and click on Translate icon next to it to translate or listen it to your language.

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Acede a todos os sites bloqueados em Portugal. Uma experiência de internet livre e sem qualquer tipo de bloqueios.

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InfoNotary Configurator for Mozilla Vyžaduje restart

Configures Mozilla for work with certificates issued by InfoNotary Plc.

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UnMHT umožňuje prohlížet soubory webových archivů MHT (MHTML) a ukládat celé webové stránky, včetně textu a grafiky, do jednoho souboru.

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Print Friendly & PDF

Makes a Printer Friendly & PDF version of any webpage. Removes navigation, ads, and junk. Formats the page for print so you save paper and ink. Good for the environment and your wallet.

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Bulk Media Downloader

Grab and download media (image, audio, and video) resources by monitoring network (like FlashGot or Flash video downloader extensions)

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start.me - Customize your New Tab Home Page

Customize your New Tab Home Page in Firefox with this powerful (cloud-based) add-on.

Organize all your Bookmarks/Websites, RSS/News feeds, notes, to-do's, mail & social updates in one place.

Works on any PC, mobile or tablet device.

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Advance Video Search Engine 3gp, mp4, flv, avi

Advance Video Search Engine
Search Video With Sorting Option
Watch 100 Billion Video Live, Search Video, Playlist,
videos direct download 3gp, mp4 and more..

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Restart Vyžaduje restart

"Restart" menu and button, with configurable shortcut key.

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