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Proč byl YouTube Center vytvořen?

This add-on started as a simple userscript with only a simple download function and repeat function. The reason I began working on YouTube Center was because the userscript I was using to download YouTube videos was lacking new formats YouTube introduced.
So at first I just edited that userscript to include these new formats, but after some time I thought to myself: "Why not just create my own" and I began creating my own download system. This download system could automatic retrieve the formats and its information (resolution, mime type and etc) used in the YouTube video where the one I was using just checked if the formats was available for that video and loaded its information from a database (inside the code).
Thereafter I began to add more features to YouTube Center, which people requested and YouTube Center just began to grow and grow. The current YouTube Center is the product of 2-3 years of work (I didn't develop it all the time. There could go some weeks in between development).

Co je dalšího u YouTube Center plánováno

I have a lot of things I and YouTube Center's users want added to YouTube Center. I have quite long todo list. But the things I want to add next to YouTube Center is to be able to view the thumbs and max quality of a video in the search results and sidebar.
After I've that's done I will begin revamping the repeat feature and download feature. I want the repeat feature to be able to loop between to user specified points instead of just between the start and ending. I want the download feature to give the user more information about the specific format. There's also a "bug" where if you have selected it to download a format with WebM and WebM is not available it will not recommend another format instead (MP3, 3GP or FLV).
There might come other stuff in between these goals, but these are what I want to do to YouTube Center next.

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