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  • Makes your Wikipedia experience 100 times better!
  • This add-on helps solve a slight problem that we all face. When given a Wikipedia link to a term that we do not completely understand, this add-on helps us quickly see and determine the context. This add-on clearly serves its purpose, however, it can become a bit overwhelming. It shows shows the whole introduction, which depending on the article can be too much or too little information.
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  • It's very simple, really. All you need is to create a Wikipedia account first. Then, on Preferences, go to "Beta".

    More details can be found here: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Beta_Features/Hovercards
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  • 因为我有这个账号
  • There used to be an addon called wikilook that did something similar but this is so much more to the point. It saves me a LOT of time by presenting the essence of the linked page in flash. Thus, a lookup that would often take a minute or more in the past now takes just a few seconds.
  • I probably rather open a a link in a new tab, but sometimes this plugin can be very helpful.

    Also, the plugin didn't work in the beginning because of my other script blocking plugins. Don't forget to setup your plugins so that they don't end up blocking Wikipedia.
  • This thing used to work great, but for some reason not any more. It seems the problem began with FF 53. Uninstalling and reinstalling didn't help. Any ideas?
    I am already actively developing the next version of this add-on, which uses different technologies and therefore isn't affected by this. That's why I didn't notice it.

    This is caused by the inconsistent pathnames Firefox uses for content scripts. You will see that it works for all pages that are ope at the time you enable the add-on, but not for pages loaded afterwards. The exact format of those paths must have changed fin FF53.
    I opened https://github.com/NiklasGollenstede/wikipedia-peek/issues/9 to address this in a hot-fix.

    Edit 2017-05-01: Version 2.7.3 has been submitted for the code review.
  • I really like this Addon. But I'd like to have the function to open this kind of popup-window after selecting text independent of the Wikipedia site, searching for it and present the successful result in this small 'window'. And the option of preferring English or other language searches. It would be really nice. Then I would rate for 5 stars :)
  • As an avid Wikipedia reader, this add-on sometimes saves me from going full on tabs while reading a page.
  • Perfect for me, time saver.
  • Thank you so much !, this small feature expands the use of Wikipedia a lot! and it saves time with no need to open new tabs all the time and it helps me stay concentrated on the main article :)