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  • Rather useful addon. Thank you!
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  • Great extension!
  • the ability to look ahead gives you you the opportunity to get an "I thought that was what it meant" or a "Duh -- Glad I looked that up" without having to leave the primary page you were on. 'Cool Previews; enabled the pop-up,when desired, of whatever page any link pointed to in a user-selected size box. Anyone know of a modern version of this extension?
    Yepp, the current beta of this extension: https://github.com/NiklasGollenstede/wikipedia-peek/releases

    I really need to get around to patching up the lat missing pieces and releasing it.
  • very comfortably
  • Positiva.
  • This works so great!
  • Great extension, but the one built in to Wikipedia is available to everyone now, and this isn't needed anymore.
  • Wikipedia has this already if you have an account, and dig though the beta features, but in this is a good implementation for those who do not want to sign in
  • Simple to use and very reliable.
  • Good