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  • Funktioniert sehr gut
  • Pls keep on the good work.
  • Лучший вариант для телефона и ПК. Спасибо разработчикам!
  • The only website that uBlock Origin doesn't block ads on is Facebook which is unfortunate, for awhile uBlock Origin blocked ads on Facebook but recently I've been seeing sponsored ads on Facebook. (not sure if i need to toggle something or wait for an update to fix this) Apart from that all other websites that i have visited uBlock Origin has done it job well.
  • It WAS working fine. The zapper has died, however. It's not killing any ads in my e-mails. None, zip, nada.
  • не блокирует рекламу на сайте mail.ru
  • Can't imagine not using it. I freaking love the custom filters
  • People, you already know! Anyone who even THINKS about surfing the web without THIS... Must be nuts!!!! Thank you dev!!
  • Great best ad blocker
  • Good.....
  • Отзывы оставляю не так часто, но здесь я просто не мог пройти мимо! Разработчики... вы просто потрясающие МОЛОДЦЫ!!! Такой свободы блокировки навязчивой рекламы и надоедливых блоков я еще не встречал! Огромное спасибо Вам! Приложение СУПЕР!!!
  • Sice pekne ze nevytezuje pc ale blokuje a spatne zobrazuje stranky ktere drive normalne fungovaly. Takze cim dal tim horsi,navic proposti stale vice reklam. Za me moc spatne. Nedoporucuji
  • Stwarza problemy, np. blokuje klawisz pełny ekran na yt , nie pozwala przewinąć strony internetowej itp. W ciągu 2 dni użytkowania kilkanaście tego typu problemów.

    It creates problems, eg it blocks the full screen button, does not allow you to scroll the website, etc. Within 2 days of using a dozen such problems
  • I really like this extension, thanks for the work!
  • just amazing. blocks legit all those annoying popups on torrents sites off.
  • Nice, but I would need something stronger, something that blocks Firefox virus even in Default user with 0 use when they start blocking image uploads of malware suspicions into anti-malware private and public websites. Maybe they use IP, not virus, while discussions are still open. Thanks =)
  • Super
  • This is the #1 extension to install if you care about your privacy online.
  • 매우 좋아요 ㅎㅎ
  • هر تلاشی برای دسترسی آزاد به اینترنت قابل تقدیر است.
  • Best ad blocker i ever tried. BTW subscribe to Pewdiepie.
  • 喔,哈哈哈哈哈。我从chrome走来
  • Best addon ever
  • Excellent, paramétrable (presque) à souhait.
    "qui bloque les publicités et les pisteurs" et pas que, on peut facilement gérer les filtres pour celui qui sait s'en servir peut aller très loin. Il est de loin et même de trèèès loin le meilleur que j'ai pu tester jusqu'à présent. Je recommande
  • great, best exstension