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  • 很棒
    Thanks so much.
  • I liked the old version better. I know you can't please everybody, but maybe put the greyish tabs and white search windows back as a alternative theme?
    You can go back and use version 1 with no problem. Just don't update it and you will be back to what you had.
  • The update brought some + and -. I REALLY like the better visibility of the foxes, having removed the greyed address/add-ons. But the "extinction" colors to the left are now too contrasting; and I'd like to see more definition of the address box. An orange tinted font and address outline with the smoky blue forest background might look really good. Thanks for the themes...I'll be sticking with Mountain Snow for now.
  • That's real Firefox :P
    Thanks so much.
  • coolest theme in the world
    I really appreciate the comment. Thanks so much.
  • Nice theme, but higher res image would be appreciated to cover more of the top bar or a fade in to true black instead of abrupt switchover.