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  • Full screen doesn't work on my android phone and version 59.0.

    Firefox gets updated regularly for security purposes. It is not recommended to hold back updates in order to run such an addon.

  • Working, but i can't touch option and tab button after active this add-on

  • Very, very useful - thank you!

    Question: Will you be updating it as a webextension for Firefox for Android 57(Quantum) by November 14 or perhaps sooner for Firefox for Android Beta?

  • This is what i needed to make a website appear more like an app on android. Unfortunately, when you have to input text into a page, for search or other functions, it shows the status bar, even though it's still in Full Screen mode. Coming pout and back in returns it to full screen, but would be nice to input text into pages without this behavior.

  • Noice

  • Can't find address bar or menu!

  • Thank you developer. Very useful.

  • Seems to overwrite don't good toolbar setting

  • Good!

  • This doesn't work with the current Firefox for Android when full screen browsing is enabled in the preferences: it just makes the navbar black, or glitches out on scrollable sites. In order to make it work, full screen browsing, which automatically hides the navbar, needs to be disabled.

    With that configuration, it does work, though not particularly well. It hijacks long presses, so copy/paste on websites no longer works unless the site replaces the menus on its own. However, if a site replaces menus everywhere, it might make getting out of full screen mode impossible. It also seems to have some trouble in Nougat with the notification bar: it can have the notification bar go *over* the top bit of the site.

  • It sorta works, but when I go back a page, a black bar appears covering the navigation bar area. Please fix.

  • フルスクリーンにはなりましたが、画面長押しをするとテキスト選択モードになるので戻れませんね…。

  • Thank you

  • Bug

  • Muy útil.

  • It's not working good. When I press key "back" I see on top of screen the black belt and then I have to again turn on and turn off in menu "full screen". No, thanks, better with the belt of notifications.

  • Working well on Lollopop and Ff 41.
    Thank you.

  • kind of a show stopper, menu button doesn't work on android 2.3.6

  • A very good add-on. Please, do not disable Android's menu button. Will give five stars and update review when this is fixed.

  • Works perfectly

  • Works good on my Android TV Box MXPro.
    Thanks a lot, guys !

  • Works w/ 'Kindle Fire HD', running Firefox or Aurora.

  • На стартовых экранах (история, закладки и т. д) не отключить полный экран ни долгим тапом, ни через меню (последнее просто не открывается) - только в случае открытой вебстраницы. Пришлось удалить.

  • I have a Verizon LAME QMV7A; this app works nicely/as expected. No crashes so far.

    QMV7A/KK4.2.2/FIREFOX 30.0