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Textarea Cache Lite

Allows to save automatically the content in a text input field.
(Currently not compatibility with Textarea Cache)

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S'ha afegit February 19, 2017

inShorts in dark

inShorts is a famous News Reading application in India which puts the news in under 60 words for you. Read the news by turning on Night mode at Night to save your battery and Eyes from the bright white light.

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S'ha afegit February 19, 2017

360 WMS


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CliteHD Desktop Sharing: enables screen sharing for the CliteHD application.

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S'ha afegit February 14, 2017

Gui High-Tech Live ?

Marre de rater le début des lives de Gui High-Tech ? Grâce à cette extension, vous serez notifé lors du lancement d'un live!

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Notifies the user after a specified interval to get up and stretch a bit.

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S'ha afegit February 11, 2017

XpazZ live checker

Vous notifie lorsque XpazZ est en Live

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S'ha afegit January 29, 2017

Affiliate Future Extension

Affiliate Future publishers are able to easily get deep link and voucher details for advertisers, helping you earn more commission.

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S'ha afegit January 25, 2017

YouTube Tooltip & Notification

Show YouTube clip's title & duration as link's tooltip or as notification

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S'ha afegit January 17, 2017

Thaek Live Alerte

Thaek Live Alerte !

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S'ha afegit January 14, 2017

SmartAlert for Pinterest

SmartAlert for Pinterest™ provides an easy access to your Pinterest™ from the toolbar and you get notifications for all new posts. All notification are available as badge-icon in toolbar, statusbar message and desktop notification.

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S'ha afegit January 5, 2017

Date and Time

A Popup Time and Date shower on Toolbar

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S'ha afegit December 26, 2016

Time Blocker

A time blocking extension, for working using the time blocking method.
Has three presets: A time block for working/studying, a small and big breaks.
Additional features:
* Keyboard shortcuts.
* Sound playing/popup when timer finishes.

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S'ha afegit December 25, 2016

Unity Launcher API Addon e10s

Add-on for Unity Launcher API integration regarding download progress and count.

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S'ha afegit December 25, 2016

Fake Anime Site Blocker

Blocks fake phishing anime websites.

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S'ha afegit December 23, 2016


Website Truster.

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S'ha afegit December 21, 2016


Adds context to Trump's not-quite-accurate tweets. Created by The Washington Post.

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S'ha afegit December 19, 2016

Kayler01 Alert

Status kanału Kayler01 na Twitch.tv

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S'ha afegit December 15, 2016

Get Synced v1.0

Context sensitive Firefox education tool: an experimented created by Mozilla to promote Firefox Mobile and Sync to users on desktop who have bookmarked.

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S'ha afegit December 15, 2016