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  • Matt Kruse has created an excellent extension. Everything works as promised. A+.
  • All around great App/Plugin Ever!
  • wow, nice
  • fecking flawless
  • It makes Facebook so much more usable with a ton of little tweaks that are so helpful. Also filtering of posts too
  • Social Fixer has significantly improved my Facebook experience, allowing me to remove or hide many of Facebook's annoyances, from sections in the margins (or the margins themselves) to functions such as notification bubbles and inaccurate timestamps.

    I've found the subscribed and user-created filters indispensable in removing or segregating News Feed posts, and the ability to create or add stock code snippets has fixed many issues I had with Facebook from its appearance to its functionality.

    Version 22 has brought improved functionality of the Friend Tracker and now allows adjustment of the threshold at which FB Friend deactivation and reactivation events are reported.

    Importantly, answers to user questions are quickly addressed by the developer (Matt Kruse) and his team via developer pages and very active subscriber groups. There is also a page for developer and subscriber provided display and functionality tweaks.

    Social Fixer has made my Facebook experience tolerable and even enjoyable.
  • very useful. I like the filters and hide all read post . thank you
  • I'm so glad that I can finally get this extension in Firefox. I can now disable many of the annoying features in Facebook.
  • Very efficient although I wish the friends monitor feature would not report disabled accounts as unfriended.
  • Great add-on with active development. The developer is very responsive. How Facebook should be!
  • Love this app. I would recommend it to everyone.
  • Lots of bells and whistles that do lots of things Facebook has been missing, with room for improvement and expansion.
  • Once you get this set up, it makes Facebook much more enjoyable. Fewer annoying ads or clogged up timeline from game posts.