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  • Very good addon!!!
  • Awesome app for viewing Facebook the way YOU want to
  • Love the way you can take control of FB. Please send Matt some CA$H to support !!!!! I did!!!!
  • Great app otherwise, but NEEDS a "read-reciept blocker" or "'seen'-blocker" for Facebook chats. Blocking "... is typing" would also be a VERY good idea. For both the Firefox and Chrome extentions, PLEASE include this. I will rate this app 5 stars and even donate if you have a donation link.

    That was the most important feature I was hoping for. Otherwise this app is still pretty decent/amazing, but PLEASE add a "Seen Blocker" for Facebook chat.
  • This is my PERSONAL rating, as the only reason I wanted this extension was for the ability to view all comments on Facebook posts, without having to constantly click "view all xx comments," THEN, "load more replies," "load more replies," etc. etc. etc. This add-on does nothing to affect that, so it's mostly useless for me, as I don't really need the other many options and features that this plugin has.
  • Very nice
  • It makes FB usable
  • Social fixer cleans up the page, no adds, I have better control of what is posted.
  • Premium post are disable in social fixer, but still visible in feed. Update will be good..Dislike for friend manager :-(
  • Like
  • Takes so much of the unwelcome parts of Facebook away. The best bits are hiding ads and automatically selecting Most Recent Posts. Love it.
  • bhallagchey