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  • The reading is OK but there are no instructions and I couldn't reliably navigate to the bits of a page I wanted to read. I would click "forward" and it would just carry on without going forward. If I click stop, then play, it jumps all the way back to the start.

    So unfortunately unusable due to navigation.
  • fantastic, can listen to my textbooks instead of reading them
  • WOW! excellent Addon!! I was looking for such a great extension but the rest I tried had problems! I am happy I discovered this!! Until now I like the voice of "GoogleStandard British English (Dalton)". Is natural and clear to understand.
  • I think it's a great tool for those who don't want to read.
  • Cool add-on, thanks, I use it all over the day. My hands and eyes are free, when I listen news. But sometime it's difficult to understand if I'd pressed the play button - it is too small on my Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and reaction on pressing is not always immediately (maybe because internet connection speed). Can you please make the Play button 4 times bigger? And another thing - can you please increase the time (or iteration count) for connection. Sometime I have to press Play button several times. And one more thing. Can you please make (detect) reaction on button pressing on headphones headset - just like ordinary music player? Thanks in advance.
  • love it!
  • This was a 4 Star App (IMO) but lately a lot of the voice options I've been using have been scrubbed & It's getting to the stage where there's only one or two left that I'll use & should they too be scrubbed, I'll look for another App.

    Voices can be purchased under Premium/Custom options but this App isn't up to purchase grade.

    If a few features were added, I'd certainly consider purchasing.

    I'm beginning to think each 'free' voice has a finite amount of text before it's scrubbed - if this is the case I'll return a 1 Star, leave this review as is & move on.
    Please read our blog to understand how we're providing you these voices: http://blog.readaloud.app/2018/10/the-state-of-text-to-speech-technology.html

    The free voices are provided courtesy of Google and IBM. If you run into a limit, it's probably imposed by those companies. You could use the Custom options to pay for your own usage of the premium voices.
  • Love the App But...This actually a feature suggestion.
    Why don't your development team include shortcut keys to change Reading Speed? That way the user can increase or decrease the rate of reading on the fly without stopping to make adjustments using the slider interface.
    In this age of media consumption optimization your extension is uniquely positioned to facilitate consumption of print media. It should however offer the same enhancements for a more personalized control of "rate of consumption" that is common with other media purveyors (eg. YouTube or Vimeo).