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  • I love this add-on Plz Update for FF 57+
  • Good idea:
    Work fine in Waterfox 54.0.1...
    Hope it can be working with this damn Firefox 57 version
  • Do you plan to use WebExtensions in a future release?
  • коли треба організувати закладки конкретної папки
  • This is awesome :D :D :) Thank you.
  • The first versions of Firefox used to have utility to manage folders but was later dropped by Mozilla.

    Thanks to developer "mchenryc" for bringing it back. I have more then 200 bookmarks so I cannot imagine using Firefox without any means of organizing them.

    Btw, why is it when I search Addons for "manage folders" this addon does not come up first? Or is it just me?
  • thanks, great idea
  • The error still occurs after setup version 1.0.6 with FF 37.0.2.
    I'm going back to version 1.0.5, these version works flawlessly.

    Developer response

    Hello, I would like to fix the issue you're having, as 1.0.6 fixes the issue for some users - it would help greatly if could create a bug report here: https://github.com/mchenryc/firefox-managefolders/issues . Include the FF and Plugin version, and how to reproduce the problem (was it from the toolbar, or the sidebar? was it a nested folder? a shortcut folder? a live folder?)
  • Sorry aber bei mir startet das Addon noch nicht mal. :(
    Habe FF 37.01. Ich kann leider nichts positives melden.

    Developer response

    Thank you for the report - A change to Firefox's "Places" component broke Manage Folder's behavior - selecting the Manage Folder menu item would open the Library, but not navigate to the folder. I have uploaded a new, fixed version (v1.0.6), which should be available soon.
  • Hi, since I have found that "little" tool i love it!!
    But there is a bug since FF36 or now FF37.
    Clicking at a folder an choose "Mange Folder" don't opens that folder. Now always "All bookmarks" is marked and no tree is opened.... hmm

    for all... and the developer mchenryc:
    I've version 1.0.6 installed, but there is no effect. It "only" opens the bookmark manager marking the node "All bookmarks" - unfortunately :-(

    Developer response

    Thank you for the report - a change to Firefox's "Places" component broke Manage Folder's behavior. I have uploaded a new, fixed version (v1.0.6), which should be available soon.
  • Спасибо за дополнение!! Очень не хватало его в Firefox!!
  • Since version 25 of FireFox i have noticed a series of malfunctions, particular in;

    GENERAL BEHAVIOR - Does not register the URL Location Address, but it accepts the name of the new link.

    DRAG and DROP - Does not insert the dragged link (TAB) does not work at all.

    ADD NEW MARKER - Not working .
    ( I tried to add new placemark function from within the folder where you want to place the new bookmark, NOTHING worked.
    and also i've tried in several ways possible, and nothing seems to respond properly. )

    MANAGE FOLDERs and ADD NEW MARKER - Using the method of manually adding a new bookmark, and copy/paste the fields manually, and also nothing worked ...

    I've try to disable all my other extras to see if there was some kind of incompactibilidade between extras, but there was no incompatibility...

    I think its time for an update ...

    But please do not get me wrong , i not demand anything , nor do i have that right.
    Grateful for your attention and patience .... Hope for an update to firefox 26 ;)

    Developer response

    Hello, and thanks for the review. The issues you raise appear to be general issues with Firefox's Bookmark & History component (aka 'Library'), not Manage Folders (which merely provides additional means of accessing the Bookmarks component).

    To see if a the bugs you mention are already being tracked, look for Bookmark & History component bugs, in Firefox's Bugzilla: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/buglist.cgi?product=Firefox&component=Bookmarks%20%26%20History&resolution=--- . You can file new bugs there as well.

    If, however, the issues you raise _only_ exist if Manage Folders is enabled, please raise the issue on the Manage Folders issue tracker: https://code.google.com/p/firefox-managefolders/issues/list , with specific steps to demonstrate the problem.
  • Esta función deberia venir por defecto en Firefox.
  • works as expected, good idea
  • Thanks great add onn!
  • I use this all the time. It's a great bridge for tying together the bookmarks side pane (which is how I most frequently access my bookmarks) and the "Bookmarks Library." I think Firefox needs to integrate the functionality of the Bookmarks Library (more advanced searches etc.) into the bookmarks side pane.
  • Pretty please update for Firefox 4!
  • Please update for ff4 beta 12.
  • This one you really only use part time- but in those situations it really shines! They really should have included this one standard in FF and maybe new versions will? I put this one in my "Apollo! Pack" collection and for anyone with lots of bookmarks it will save them some time and trouble.
  • I need this thing the long time! :) Thank you!
  • Perfect, thanks! :-)
  • Coud you update it to 3.6., please? Thanks!
  • You have to wonder how developers can turn out such a great browser yet forget
    the basics. This extension fixes those lapses.

  • Great extension. I've used it for probably a year now and I really like it. It saves me time and clicks. Thanks for updating it by the way.
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