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  • fascinante de momento bien
  • Warning click bait on legitimate sites! trying to censor the web or where I get my news now? No way!
  • Used in the past but now has become a Big Brother trying to censor what I consider to be critical content vital to preserving Western civilization. There is no place for Malwarebytes in my world.
  • Warning: Clickbait.
    Category: unreliable content
    This website may contain clickbait. blah, blah…

    Oh, thanks for the unnecessary heads up, but it's 2019 and the internet and malware apps are commodities.

    I would not leave a bad review if Malwarebytes gave a mechanism to report a conventional ‘false positive.’

    The code of JihadWatch.org is scanned daily for malware, adware and blacklisting which can be confirmed →

  • WARNING! CENSORSHIP MASQUERADING AS COMPUTER PROTECTION! You used to be able rely on this add-on to remove browser adware and malware. But now, they've decided to become Big Brother censors to decide for us what content on the web is of value and to be trusted. And that adds up to legitimate news sites (usually conservative, but not always) being flagged as "Clickbait" & "unreliable". Of course, if they get this wrong, they should not be trusted to do what they are meant to do, and you should protect your browser by uninstalling this puppy. And so I'm letting you know, Firefox, how you are passing off censorship under the guise of malware protection. Hey, I don't tell you where to get Ur news: STOP telling me where mine should come from!
  • Breaks Netflix even if you add it to the exceptions white list.
  • Stopped my Netflix from loading my video. I spent a day trying to figure out what's blocking it and I disabled this extension and everything loaded fine.