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  • Good
  • It is very detailed .I have been looking for a tool like this.It helps me with my DNS coding

    Thank you
  • The site provides valuable information and is a tool well worth having. The program overall is very good at assisting the user in knowing what to expect and to avoid sites which may pose a hazard to their system. That in itself makes it worth having, thus the highest rating as the loss of critical data before backup, can be destructive and though backup is usually done minimally on a daily basis, the loss of data in the short term can cause quite a bit of harm to the machine, the business and the matter at hand.
  • Correct extension for Firefox 57+, but not as good as Flagfox
  • Detalla ampliamente la informacion.
    eso si, seria bueno una barra para ver constantemente la ip y una banderita para saber de donde es la conecion.
  • Although this IP finder works, it opens a new tab, showing, essentially, the same information that the icon's pop-up does. In other words, not only is it redundant, it takes up additonal resources, unnecessarily. Since the tab "feature" can't be turned-off, this is no better (and, arguably, worse) than accessing an IP finder on the web. I removed it from my add-ons.
  • Fonctionne bien et très pratique, compatible multiprocess et webext.
  • The drop down window is a bit too small for comfort. I think this would be better as a toolbar, and there would be more room to add stuff.
  • Title says it all.
  • Handful tool but doesn't work on Ubuntu 16.04 with Firefox since version 49 to 50.
    Tried Fresh Firefox install, uninstall/ reinstall IP Tools, disable/remove Ublock....but the icon still doesn't show up.
    Ctrl + Shift+ I just show the dev console.
    Am I missing something ?
  • Hi. I use the Pale Moon browser and version 27 will make jetpack/sdk extensions not work. I love this extension and would love to continue to use it. Can you please convert? Thanks!
  • This tool has been one of the very handy tools when you wish to check the IP address of a domain quickly without having to take trouble of any third party website. Very handy, and also gives vivid options, right from IP address, IP location, RDNS etc..right till the web ranking.

    It has helped me all along for websites which users host and manage from www.domainstack.in
  • Probably this best and most through ip information addon I have seen on Firefox. However, on one of my profile. I have it set to be in private mode all the time. The icon totally disappears. I have gone into customize and reset my layout. It appears with no icon when I try to put it in the menu or on the toolbar, it is gone again.

    Hopefully, this will be updated soon.
  • Great set of information here. Problem - This afternoon, I opened the extension v2.0.2 from the IP icon in Firefox' Toolbar. Used it to investigate a few hosts, for a few minutes, and then left the system running. The monitor went to the bootup (Welcome?) background after a half-hour, without logging out. On entering PW for my Admin user acct., the previous Desktop [M$ Win8 (x64)] displayed on monitor immediately (am using StartMenu8 to give me my preferred, Windows7 style, desktop with Taskbar, etc.), and Firefox browser v37.0.2 was standing open with same tabs set as before, BUT, the IP button was missing from the Toolbar in Firefox! IP button icon is not available in the Customize dialog box nor in the Toolbar icons dialog. However, the extension is fully listed in Firefox Add-ons Manager's Extensions view , same as always. What happened to the IP button? How can I get it back?
  • Apparently this extension uses nslookup or similar to check the web site ip address. The problem is this could be different from the real web server serving the website. In other words, it's not showing the website IP address, it's showing the ip configured in the DNS for this webserver.