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Excellent man, just what i wanted! Keep up good work :)
Just one question which is not really related to your add-on, but you might have an answer to it... do you have any idea how to create a "new tab" button in firefox versions above 3.6 and how to actually put more than one new tab button on the panel?? I need two, one for the address bar and another one for the tab bar, i've always used it like that, it's comfy. I know that new tab button technically exists in Firefox 4+, but there's nowhere to find it unless you upgrade from 3.6 straight to 4+ having had it enabled in earlier version... :( Thanks in advance.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.0-6). 

Re: New tab button

You can create a bookmark to "about:newtab", and then middle click on that. (It does the same thing, but it's a tad inconvenient, I guess.)