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  • Отличное дополнение. Жаль, что перестало работать на Firefox Quantum. Адекватной замены найти не удалось. :(
  • I have kept my Firefox at 56.02, the last edition where this works.

    It is one of three add-ons whose utility is worth more to me than FF57 Quantum.

    So PLEASE developer, get it working with 57 or explain why you can't on your description
  • big issue:
    1. no way to turn off this extension.
    2. if install it, then remove it. some changes keept. e.g. "network.cookie.cookieBehavior"

    issue1+2 makes it worse.
  • Please update your add-on, it was the best cookie manager for me!
  • It's a very useful and necessary addition. I hope you plan to modify the add-on for the new Mozilla. Really worth it.
  • it's easy and straight forward. I have control of when and who I want to accept cookies from with a click or two. I hope an updated plugin is soon available to work with the latest version of FireFox. Or I'll be switching back to IE.
  • Best cookie manager out there, I'll stay with this, pass on upgrading Firefox.
  • 以前挺好用的,现在火狐浏览器升级后无法使用了,显示:不兼容 Firefox Quantum
  • I take back what I said about making this compatible with FF57. FF57 is just horrid, and nothing but a Chrome clone when it comes down to it. All it did was break hundreds of great addons, which is what FF had been so well known for with all the customization and control people once had over it. Not anymore. Pale Moon or other FF forks are 1000x better and this wonderful addon works fine on those.

    I applaud your work , Iann, and hoping for continued support for this addon on other FF forks.
  • This is a necessity for me. You don't notice what you have until it's gone, so sorry for reviewing this late. Could you pretty please make it work for the new FF?
  • FF 57 :(
  • I don't want 300 icons on my toolbar for ONE add on. Ridiculous clutter. Also this is way overly complex and has a completely counter-intuitive UI. Honestly it was giving me a headache using it, had to uninstall. Dev needs to take an HCI class BAD
  • I use to be able to trust this addon. However since upgrade I have noticed cookies are not being cleared as per the session setting.
  • Many thanks for this wonderful extension. Works great on Pale Moon.
  • I have been using this add-in and am willing to pay --- EXCEPT --- Firefox has disabled it on my computer, and it will continue to be diabled until you make it FF 57 Compliant. See the FF support page on this subject. If you don't do this, it will not work in Firefox, and will be worthless to you and any other potential user. Aside from that, IT HAS BEEN GREAT, AND I REALLY LIKE IT.
  • Not compatible with Firefox 57
  • This addon still works fine and I have found out to toggle temporary exceptions for a current website as default. But don't ask me how. I'm glad that's working :-)

    After I set a temporary exception for a website, an entry has been written in the exception list for cookies. This exception should be valid for the current Firefox session only and has to be deleted if I restart my Firefox. But I can still see this entry in the exception list.

    So I'd like to suggest some improvements:

    • Deleting cookies (not the defined exceptions) for a current website automatically after toggling off/on.
    • Automatic deleting of temporary exceptions and their cookies that are valid for a current Firefox session when Firefox will be closed or restarted.
  • I cannot launch Firefox without disabling this addon after the latest update. I'm using Firefox 55 Beta 14.
  • The best cookie controller for Firefox but if cookie controller is on and manag the cookies the Evernote Web Clipper ca not login. setting CC to off everything is working fine.

    Sorry but is not working to set the cookie permissions on evernote.com (allow at all). If I switch to cookies on at all the add on ist working!
    Evernote uses cookies. If you block them, using Cookie Controller or any other method, it won't work. Evernote should make this clear in their documentation. Evernote's own advice for this problem is to allow all cookies, but that's just dumb.

    The easiest way to get it to work may be to go to evernote.com, set the cookie permissions there (I think it needs allow, not just allow for 1st party), and then you should be fine. Or possibly the same at yinxiang.com.
  • I started using this when Firefox downgraded my browser to bugfest 43 and started blocking my cookies which made logging in impossible.I even had issues if I was able to log in to sites like getting logged out at the end of my session.This combined with rolling back to Forefox v39 fixed that issue for me and I can log in and stay logged in most of the time.
  • Very easy to understand and use.
  • Works wonderfully. There are no calls home and all sorts of other dirty tricks. Thank you so much.
  • Without a doubt the best cookie manager there is. Some of the low reviews given here are just plain silly (Firefox auto installed this extension etc.) , and show a lack of understanding of the extension and how to use it.

    I have been using it for years and rely upon it.

    I have noticed one issue in the last few versions that "could" be a problem so I thought I would mention it:

    Adding an exception for a "https://" site is added as a "http://" site, and then does not work on the secure site.

    The issue above has been fixed with today's update. Thank you very much.
    The Cookie Controller buttons and manus always add both http:// and https:// permissions, and clean up previous permissions to avoid confusing conflicts. The Firefox dialog only adds the exact one you tell it to, and just adds http:// if you don't specify the scheme. I'll tweak the addon to fill in the scheme to help out a bit, but it is still best to use the addon menus to control permission because the Firefox dialog doesn't handle some situations properly.
  • Best one I tried & feature-rich. Love it.
  • I'm pissed! When Firefox updated to version 50, it added this addon without even asking me. When I first noticed it, I thought I had a virus. I quickly removed it. It is too cumbersome, and I am a programmer and computer expert.
    The pulldown menus are way overdone.
    Just noticed Firefox also just changed to update addons automatically. I don't want that. If I want to change something, I'll do it.