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  • Unbrauchbar! Hält nicht, was versprochen wird!!!
  • It's buggy, crashes/slows things down, but what I dislike the most is its complete lack of support for customization. Really, if I can't make adjustments (without basically hacking it that is) then I don't want it.
    Hi, Ghostery is constantly improving, would you mind sending an email to support@ghostery.com with your questions, concerns, and feedback so we can look into this? Thanks!
  • Davvero perfetto
  • Worked great until yesterday when it blocked Youtube and caused buffering all day...??? Whitelisted the site and it stopped immediately.

    Edit - all sorted after the update mentioned below - thank you :)
    Hi, this was due to anti-tracking but should be resolved after our fix we released yesterday. Reach out to us by email at support@ghostery.com with any questions, thanks!