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  • Nice little product. Does an excellent job and much better than others I have tried. The author spent time to develop a pleasing and intuitive interface.
  • I am a diabetic who rides my bicycle every day for exercise to keep my diabetes under control, I used to depend on an app from the Weather Channel and Intellicast to clue me in on local weather before heading out every morning. Then after Intellicast changed formats I couldn't get it to work anymore. Now after years of looking for a good weather addon for Firefox and now Chrome as well, I finally found one for both. Weather Extension is exactly what I have been looking for all along and then some. With it's hourly forecasts and the outstanding Mapbox interactive weather map, this one is definitely a keeper.

    Thank you, Tim!
  • Loved it before I went with pro. Love it even more now that I have pro.

    Responsive developer, which is always appreciated. Thank you!
  • My radar layer settings are always resetting to default. I'm a Pro user.
  • huge five to this guy...
  • So far I'm loving this great add on fro Firefox. Weather information at your fingertips! Great Job!
  • Easy to use! Great looking app and GUI.
  • Number 1 Weather Extension App for firefox browser. Instant weather, gives alerts, maps and more. Very useful for weather reports and easy to operate. A feature worth noting is the Satellite icon that opens into an animated radar screen. Will use this extension every day.
    Thank you!
  • Really convenient addon. It shows me the weather right in one spot, with as much or as little detail as I want!
  • Incredibly useful weather extension that shows what you need without leaving your current web page(s).