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  • Great extension. If we could add/remove channels through Youtube itself, would be even better but I'm not sure of the capabilities of extensions these days.

    Also, I was wondering if you could tweak the CSS of the extension page and make both the subscribed channels and the videos (independently) scrollable? That'd be neat. I can make such changes but extensions like Stylus cannot apply CSS changes to extension pages unfortunately. Can fork on GitHub if you want & don't have much time for the extension.

  • Hi! Fantastic job XrXr. Any chance for option to sort channels on the left by number of videos?

  • So there's no way to know when it'll be fixed?

    ডেভেলপারদের সাড়া

    Thanks for the information! I've been wonder how people run into this.
    Unfortunately, I don't think there is any change i can make in the addon to address this. I'm limited by what Firefox allows me to do and I don't get to pick where the database is stored.
    This definitely seem like a Firefox bug though so I've reported it to Mozilla. Hopefully they take some action.

  • I don't think this add-on has been optimized to work with Firefox Quantum.

    I keep getting the screen telling me to 'clear my data' and 'delete the database'.

    I suspect Quantum stores the database somewhere else in comparison to the previous Firefox versions.

    Pl. fix, love the concept and dying to try it out.


    FYI Debugging: https://pastebin.com/raw/dEH49BAn

    PS:- I have not used the plugin before, not migrated or anything, fresh-first time install of Quantum.

    Update 1:

    The solution provided, worked like a charm.

    Firefox literally reset and all the 'stuff' and my Firefox sync account started to re-sync everything i.e. bookmarks, add-ons
    Note: Although the 'Youtube Checker' add-on was added earlier to my Firefox sync account it did not re-sync and although other add-on's downloaded via sync automatically had to set up those add-ons again, this may well be a Firefox bug.

    To reproduce the issue, don't sign into your Firefox sync account. Uninstall Firefox, delete the Firefox folder in Program Files (Windows) and in AppData and do a fresh install of the latest and greatest Firefox. Create a new sync account(for testing purposes) and add some random add-on's like Grammarly and then add Youtube Checker

    Thank you for your hard work, appreciate it!

    Update 2:
    After closing Firefox and reopening it, ran into the same problem and realized it could be due to launching Firefox in private mode.
    My shortcut target in Windows for example is '"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -private' when I removed the '-private' and launched it again, Youtube Checker was back to normal, will share updates here if any as an when.

    Update 3:
    Finally nailed why the error occurs. If you go to the Firefox Menu > Options > Privacy & Security > History > (change to) Never Remember History, the error occurs again. Which would imply the Youtube Checker add-on uses the "History" or "Cache" to store data and not the database as far as the Youtube videos watched and those that are not watched, maybe. Storing the history in the db may be cumbersome as a cleanup would be required every now and then. That's prolly why it's having an issue running in private mode as well. The list of channels added are stored in the DB for sure and there is an easy import and export feature. What has already been watched and what has not yet is understood by the add-on via history which is cool but just wanted to let you know that's why we paranoid folk that turn off history are facing the issue ;)

    ডেভেলপারদের সাড়া

    I would love to fix this but I just never been able to reproduce this issue. The debug log you gave isn't related. You can try refreshing Firefox in about:support -- this worked for the other person who ran into this.


    Thanks for the note about "-private"! I reported this to Mozilla https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1427041 :)

  • Can't clear data.

    "Failed to open internal database

    I was not able to access the internal database which stores all your data. This is likely due to file corruption or some other catasrophic event.

    You can try running file system repair tools on your system which might fix the issue. If all else fail, you can delete the corrupted database by typing clear my data in the input below"

  • Thanks

  • It’s a godlike addon, but mine just randomly resetted after a month or so of use – hundreds of videos which I saved for later are gone now. I’m so mad about it not having any online‐sync… Now I also have to manually add 90‐something channels.

    Edit 11.10.17: Downgrading to 2.3.4 didn’t restore my old data, there’s nothing there. Also I noticed that this addon stopped to notify me about adding new videos on certain channels. It does it’s job for some, but not for every of them. IDK what went wrong, I didn’t change anything and then it randomly loses its data, refusing to work properly afterwards.

    ডেভেলপারদের সাড়া

    Your old data might still be there if you downgrade to 2.3.4. (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/youtube-subscription-checker/versions/) The recent update to WebExtension involves data migration and something could've gone wrong there.

    You do have the option of manually backing up your data in the addon. If your old data happens to be there you can use that mechanism to manually migrate.

    Please let me know how it goes if you do try this.

    Edit: Hm, thanks for the info. I will try my best to look into this. It will be a little hard because I've never seen this in my personal use. If you could send me the logs from your add-on that would definitely help. You can post a link to a hastebin here or open up an issue on Github. Sorry about the data loss!

  • Really useful add-on that I use everyday. It would be nice, though, if there was a feature to be able to subscribe to certain playlists made by channels rather than the entire channel itself all the time. Some channels have multiple series that they categorize into separate playlists and it would be nice to only receive updates for those specific playlists.

    Of course, this add-on does have a title filter feature but a lot of the time, YouTube channels don't include the series name into the title.

  • Please.

    ডেভেলপারদের সাড়া

    You can subscribe to a channel that uploads often to test.

  • Is it possible to make a button "Skip All"?

    ডেভেলপারদের সাড়া

    This is a common feature request, so it will be added. However the focus right now is definitely porting to WebExtension. if I don't do it the add-on won't work at all in November.

  • When you use this add on, you have to manually put in the channels you are subbed to...
    Is there not a way to copy and paste a list of channels, then click on them one by one and select the correct one for each... hope you understand this...

    ডেভেলপারদের সাড়া

    This is definite a feature I'm going to add at some point. I don't have a date, but it will happen :)

    It's likely going to use Google OAuth to get your channel information from YouTube

  • It's not good to lead normal users to gidhub to report issues because i don't know how to do that and have no time.
    after install says:
    Failed to open internal database
    Failed to delete the database. You may need to manually delete the database.
    Instructions can be found on the add-on's website
    So what to do with that?
    FF54.0b10 (64-Bit)

    EDIT: for sure i like to try it.
    dom.indexedDB.enabled was set to true...not modified.
    what else can it be?

    can it belong to new Youtube Material design?
    It's activated, sooner or later YT will switch to it.

    I watch YT on 40" and 24" screen @Win10x64...
    would not even think about to use a mickey mouse device...no cellphone.

    i don't know what that means, mabe you:

    Harness status: Error



    Found 1 tests
    1 Fail

    Fail IDBObjectStore.add() - object store has autoIncrement:true and the key path is an object attribute

    assert_unreached: unexpected open.error event Reached unreachable code

    ডেভেলপারদের সাড়া

    I posted the guide for manually deleting the add-on's database on the add-on listing. If it doesn't work after the guide, then I really have no clue.
    The add-on should work on a fresh profile, if you have the patience of starting one.
    I didn't think anyone would actually hit that error, since it's such a commonly used Firefox feature and normal website use the same feature to store information on your computer.
    If you are curious, you can visit the link below to see if this feature works for normal websites

    Sorry I can't really do much to help, this error is very much beyond the what the add-on can control. As an alternative, you can always get notifications for uploads on your phone by using the official YouTube app.


    I might switch to material design when YouTube switches to it.

    About the error, it just means that websites can't use a Firefox feature to store data on your computer. There must be something wrong with your Firefox setup, it's not working properly. You should consider starting a new Firefox profile; there might be other things that are broken. If the test doesn't pass even on a fresh profile, then it might be something wrong with your FF install.

    Large HTML games might use this feature to store assets on your computer, for example. It's not a huge deal though, if you don't find any issues.

  • I want to have the previous video from the subscription, because I don't know if the channels didn't update or if the extension is broken, but I get nothing.

    ডেভেলপারদের সাড়া

    If the extension is broken, showing previous videos wouldn't help. I'm sorry that the blank screen makes you feel uncertain about whether the extension is working. If you don't trust the extension to deliver notifications, then you should probably not use it. You can always manually check Youtube to be sure that no one uploaded, it always shows all the videos that a channel upload :)

  • I keep going back to chrome for some specific reasons, but always end up back here because of this addon. There is no equivalent.

    Couple suggestions:
    1: Some way to collapsible the left pane into a pull-out type menu.
    2: Some way for it to sync. (Use this on my laptop as well, and if I open it up after about a week, I get hundreds of videos I'd already sorted through. lol)
    3: Dark theme. I set it up on mine with Stylish already, but having it built in would be nice. (added the stylish code I use below in-case anyone wants it.)

    Great work!

    @-moz-document url("resource://youtube-subscription-checker-at-xrxr/data/hub/home.html") {
    body {
    background-color: #0f0f0f;
    color: silver;

  • [ENG] I love this! I can save so much time using this plugin, that's just unbelievable. Or if I'm bored, I can easily kill my time with it. Just one click and I can see all videos I didn't watched from the channels I subscribe. I highly recommend it!
    [POL] Uwielbiam to! Dzięki temu pluginowi mogę zaoszczędzić tak wiele czasu, po prostu nieprawdopodobne. Albo gdy się nudzę, mogę szybko zabić ten czas. Wystarczy jedno kliknięcie i mam przed oczyma wszystkie filmy, których nie zdążyłem jeszcze obejrzeć. Gorąco polecam!

    //TO DEV: If possible, please add:
    1) Logging with YouTube account, so you don't have to type all those subscribed channels (I saw your reply to that, but if you could do it, it will be amazing)
    2) Sorting videos by their length, that if you don't have much time, you can always watch the shortest one. I mean, it's something!
    3) Possibility to change to the dark theme, or it could switch automatically around 8p.m. to like 8a.m. (or you can just decide at what time it will change).
    Thanks again for that brilliant plugin! ;)

  • Love this for seeing what is updated in channels I like. However, it would be much more useful with a few tweaks:
    1) The list of subscriptions should be sortable, alphabetical sort would be helpful.
    2) There should be a dismiss button so new videos can be removed from the list without opening them.
    3) option for smaller thumbnail size would be nice.

    How about an overlay icon to remove the item? That would be very obvious.

    ডেভেলপারদের সাড়া

    You can already dismiss videos by control clicking them.
    I will consider adding support for the other feature. Thank you for using the add-on!

  • Great add-on!
    Are you considering adding an option to import the subscribed channels directly from an youtube account?

    ডেভেলপারদের সাড়া

    No plans to support that. I don't think there is an easy way for me to get a user to sign in with their Youtube account then grab their subscription from that.

    Youtube does provide a way to export your subscriptions to a file, which I can read. I don't think that's much easier though.

    Glad you like the add-on!

  • Really convenient. Have been missing a ton of videos with youtube's subscription service because of the amount of channels I'm subscribed to.

    Btw, xrxr I've been having problems recently where I am trying to add a new channel to the subscription checker, but it keeps loading while searching for the channel with no end in sight. I haven't been able to add any new channels. Also, where are the subscriptions stored so I can back them up? Thanks

    ডেভেলপারদের সাড়া

    Thanks for your kind words!

    About searches not resolving, I think that is more likely an issue Youtube's api, it might have fixed itself. You can try retrying. If it still doesn't work, then it's probably me. In that case, please open an issue on project's Github page, and we can work together to fix the issue. This page isn't suited for bug reports.

    As for backing up your local subscriptions, as writing you have a few options:

    Easy: update to 2.0+, which has an interface for exporting and importing your data. It's available here under "See complete version history" which is under "version information". (P.S. It also comes with a lot of other features you might like, read through the changelog)
    - It has not been reviewed by AMO editors. You will have to trust me that it's safe. 2.0 was sent to AMO for reviewing on February 10th 2015, and AMO got back to me almost 4 months later. It might be a while before 2.0.3 passes review.
    - Even though I've tried my best in testing the migration from 1.0 to the 2.0 series, it's entirely possible that the update causes data lose. Again, in my testing I never ran into data loss due to update. You will have to trust that my migration code will work correctly on your data set.

    Harder: open up your Firefox profile (I will leave it to you to find how), and the data should be in the path "jetpack/youtube-subscription-checker\@xrxr/simple-storage/", you can back that file up.
    - I personally would be very uncomfortable doing this... where and how the data is stored is very much an implementation detail of the add-on SDK. This might not be the only file that the SDK uses to keep track of everything. I've never tested whether backing up and then restoring data this way works.

    So currently there is no perfect solution. I leave it up to you to choose one or do both.

    Thanks for using my add-on!

  • I installed this add-on but I can't see the option to configure it anywhere.Where is it supposed to be? Using Firefox 37.0.2

    EDIT: It doesn't appear neither in the menu nor in customize.

    ডেভেলপারদের সাড়া

    You should find the icon for the add-on in menu drop down. If not, you should be able to find it in customize.


  • Большое спасибо.

  • Clean, elegant interface. Channel list is stored independently of YouTube, allowing you to 'subscribe' to channels without a Google Account.

    Only problem I've encountered is attempting to increase the Check Interval - it keeps resetting itself to the default 10 minutes.

  • i like this add-on,
    here are some suggestions to make it better
    -Add a remove button to remove videos we do not want to watch.
    -Make video links&thumbnail(small) appear in a little panel when clicking on add-on button instead of a new tab.
    -Add an option to import Youtube account subscriptions (i have more than 70 ... it gets hard).
    thank you.

    ডেভেলপারদের সাড়া

    There is a new version in the works that allows for custom filters based on video titles. This might help with the "skip videos don't want to watch" problem. It will also make control-clicking on videos skip it.

    For the other two suggestions, they are things that are likely going to be in future versions. Thanks for the suggestions!

  • very nice would be amazing if u could port this to chrome i don't use firefox sadly