278 reviews
  • When installing initially, the link to sign in is broken sometimes. Otherwise amazing free service, use it everyday easily.
  • Some problems like does not show old messages in add on(Only shows in Android),and stops working after sending many photos...needs minor fixing...but still awesome :D(Replaced my Whatsapp :D)
  • Practically abandoned, excluding some minor fixes on Android app. Yet, it still works and is still the best option to send URLs, texts between your devices, and much lighter than a messaging app.
  • I only paid for Pushbullet because of Universal Copy and Paste. And not only does it not work for Firefox but they don't tell you that in any of the documentation.
  • I have one small bug to report; when you pin the extension to the overflow menu it won't open correctly, I just don't pin it to the overflow menu to amend this but you might like to know.
  • bütün işimi gördü, teşekkür ederim. paylaşımsızlık kötüdür. Bilgiyi paylaşmayı seven birisi olarak bunu da öneririm.
  • Funciona extraodinaramiente bien, es simple y bastante ligera. La integración entre extensión y app es muy buena, quizá le faltaría un poco más de soporte a la extensión (más fluidez, poder arrastrar elementos, etc).