286 reviews
  • It doesn't work when in private sesion in mozilla firefox x64 version 65.0.2
  • Great
  • Used to work splendidly, however, now it asks for me to sign in again but it leads to a blank page. The whole pushbullet.com website/domain leads to a blank white page. This is with no adblockers enabled and all cookies and cache cleared.
  • The callout window doesn't work when the extension is in the Overflow Menu. Also, please can you offer a grey icon option to match the others.
  • Bien commode. Permet de ne pas avoir à sortir son portable pour répondre à un SMS et, encore mieux, de copier coller directement les codes d'authentification en deux étapes.
  • When installing initially, the link to sign in is broken sometimes. Otherwise amazing free service, use it everyday easily.
  • Some problems like does not show old messages in add on(Only shows in Android),and stops working after sending many photos...needs minor fixing...but still awesome :D(Replaced my Whatsapp :D)
  • Practically abandoned, excluding some minor fixes on Android app. Yet, it still works and is still the best option to send URLs, texts between your devices, and much lighter than a messaging app.
  • I only paid for Pushbullet because of Universal Copy and Paste. And not only does it not work for Firefox but they don't tell you that in any of the documentation.