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  • Having switched from Chrome to Firefox on Mac, it's pretty frustrating that instant pushing doesn't work (default shortcut doesn't work, and you can't set a different one or specify where to instant-push to).

    Otherwise I'm quite happy with it, and it's become an essential part of my browsing workflow; thanks!
  • pushbullet on firefox quantum x64 constantly lost authentication to signin. Here's the console output:
    SecurityError: The operation is insecure. pushbullet.js:7991
    error message:The operation is insecure. stack:onecup.css@https://www.pushbullet.com/js/pushbullet.js:7991:33
  • Doesn't authorize despite logging in
  • Disappointed. I assumed I could simply click on this extension's icon then enter some text and send it to my friend's smartphone…no such luck. You have to get them to install the Pushbullet software on their phone from the Apple or Google app store, then, maybe you'll be able to send them text…maybe. Forget it. I don't care about any excuse from the developer…the extension's description is misleading. It is does not "easily send". You have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get it to work. I believe there are other methods to send text from computer to phones that are very much easier.
  • good!
  • It doesn't work when in private sesion in mozilla firefox x64 version 65.0.2
  • Great
  • Used to work splendidly, however, now it asks for me to sign in again but it leads to a blank page. The whole pushbullet.com website/domain leads to a blank white page. This is with no adblockers enabled and all cookies and cache cleared.
  • The callout window doesn't work when the extension is in the Overflow Menu. Also, please can you offer a grey icon option to match the others.
  • Bien commode. Permet de ne pas avoir à sortir son portable pour répondre à un SMS et, encore mieux, de copier coller directement les codes d'authentification en deux étapes.
  • When installing initially, the link to sign in is broken sometimes. Otherwise amazing free service, use it everyday easily.
  • Some problems like does not show old messages in add on(Only shows in Android),and stops working after sending many photos...needs minor fixing...but still awesome :D(Replaced my Whatsapp :D)
  • Practically abandoned, excluding some minor fixes on Android app. Yet, it still works and is still the best option to send URLs, texts between your devices, and much lighter than a messaging app.