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  • Disregard unless you're U.S. age 62+ Social Security. Could NOT login for weeks to the Soc Sec site (FF 67.0.1) ("Cannot process - Try later" --- https://secure.ssa.gov/RIL/SiView.action - WITH the App in use/ Worse, the "Is it Up-Down" site at websiteplanet.com said Site Down & I wrongly believed it/ finally tested Ext's On/Off to discover this one is cause. Couldn't see a Whitelist mod so stopped use. Probably a Great App.

    Thanks for the Follow-up and I'll Re-install when appropriate. I always believed the Up-Dn site was Independent of your Ext; The incorrect Down status report just delayed testing Extensions to get me on the road to a solution. 5 Stars, regardless, because of your commitment!

    6-18-19 Re- Installed and working as advertised. All the Best!
    My apologies for the inconvenience! You uncovered a bug that I haven't encountered thus far. I am working on a fix and will edit this comment once a new version is released. The bug for this issue is tracked at this issue on GitHub: https://github.com/mlgualtieri/CSS-Exfil-Protection/issues/14

    Edit 1: I have a fix that appears to be fully working in testing now. If all goes well a release will come soon. FYI - I also looked into that up/down site at websiteplanet.com and the issue with that site is not related to the plugin. My guess is that the SSA website is blocking checks from that site that would be used to determine if a website is up/down. Same result with the plugin and in a clean profile with no plugins.

    Edit 2: I just released version 1.0.14. I've tested the fixes for several days now and everything seems to be working properly. It will fix your issue with the SSA website. Thank you again for bringing attention to the bug!
  • does what it says on the tin and does it transparently
  • Thank you.
  • Is there a way to disable this on certain domains? It breaks certain sites styling (4chan.org/g/).
    Not at the moment, but it's planned. I checked 4chan and styling works OK in Chrome, but not Firefox so there must be something specific in Firefox that's causing an issue. I'll look into why this may be happening.

    Edit 11/19/2018: FYI - A new version of the plugin has been released today (1.0.10) that should fix the issue you were experiencing.
  • Have you considered submitting something to the Firefox bug tracker to see if something can be resolved in the browser itself?
    I did not, but maybe I should. I've thought about reaching out to a project like Brave that includes privacy protections in the default configuration. Either way, I would want to review the Firefox source first and determine how such an implementation would be handled. There are advantages to including such protections within the browser itself; but, the negative is that it breaks compatibility with the CSS specification standard. The flaw isn't necessarily within the browser, but in CSS itself.