47 reviews
  • Great addon, but it doesn't search for images hosted in private sites, like in intranets.
  • Capture the part of an image is a great feature. Works in FF56 in spite of previous reviews.
  • Excellent
  • It fits to all my needs.
  • The ergonomics is terrible with this addon. Too many clicking where "Google reverse image search" does everything in just one click
  • Like this add-on, Thanks for sharing this add-on
  • I like it, it's very useful
  • I like
  • This is awesome musthave addon, but will it be possible to add other search engines like Google, Yandex, etc?
    I use not only Tineye.

  • This is absolutely superb I don't know why this doesn't have more ratings! Thanks for it, I was also planning on making an image reverse search tool then came across this. Would you be willing to collaborate, I want to add in functionality of right click and search. And add option of google image search engine?

    I would also help you do a right click "search backgorund image" because when we right click we sometimes see "view background image" option in menu. But your crop idea is great for situation where there is a collage or something, its excellent and needs to remain.

    I just want to add in support for urls and file urls.
    Sure, please open a new bug here to discuss more,