Bryan Clark

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الاسم Bryan Clark
المنطقة Vancouver, BC
الموقع الإلكتروني
مُستخدم منذ March 16, 2008
عدد الإضافات التي طورتها 6 إضافات
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Google Calendar Tab

Adds the Google Calendar web interface as a new tab directly into Thunderbird. Creating and viewing events works just as it would in a browser like Firefox

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69٬538 مستخدما

Auto-Complete On دون إعادة تشغيل

Allows Firefox to remember all username and passwords. Tries not to interfere with other form types.

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2٬304 مستخدمين

Header Design Inc.

A concise view of the message reader header.

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135 مستخدما

Thunderbird Captive Portal detector دون إعادة تشغيل

Looks for captive portals, like airport wifi logins, and opens a tab to help you connect to the internet through them.

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The Real Reply

Changes the default keyboard shortcut reply (ctrl-r or cmd-r) to use the button displayed in the header.

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12 مستخدما


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