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بواسطة REO-2007

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Lightning بواسطة Mozilla Calendar Project

Organize your schedule and life's important events in a calendar that's fully integrated with your Thunderbird email. Manage multiple calendars, create your daily to do list, invite friends to events, and subscribe to public calendars.

Enigmail بواسطة Patrick Brunschwig

مقيمة بـ 4 من 5 نجوم 179 تعليقا

153٬213 مستخدما

OpenPGP message encryption and authentication for Thunderbird and SeaMonkey.

Signature Switch بواسطة Achim Seufert

مقيمة بـ 4 من 5 نجوم 159 تعليقا

89٬418 مستخدما

Switch the signature on/off or choose a new one from your predefined set...

Google Calendar Tab بواسطة Bryan Clark

مقيمة بـ 4 من 5 نجوم 76 تعليقا

63٬729 مستخدما

Adds the Google Calendar web interface as a new tab directly into Thunderbird. Creating and viewing events works just as it would in a browser like Firefox

Thunderbird Conversations بواسطة Jonathan Protzenko

مقيمة بـ 4 من 5 نجوم 384 تعليقا

73٬304 مستخدمين

This addon provides a conversation view for Thunderbird, grouping messages together and allowing you to reply "inline" thus providing a more efficient workflow.

The latest version is compatible with Thunderbird 38+ only (see below for details).

ThunderBrowse بواسطة GS! Networks

مقيمة بـ 3 من 5 نجوم 149 تعليقا

29٬278 مستخدما

Did your friend send you a cool link? Want to read the rest of that interesting article? Don't want to open up your web browser just to view it? You don't have to! Just view it in Thunderbird with ThunderBrowse!

Contacts Sidebar بواسطة Jeroen Peters

مقيمة بـ 4 من 5 نجوم 272 تعليقا

35٬966 مستخدما

Displays the address books in a sidebar in Thunderbirds 3-pane-window and can be toggled with the F4 key or a toolbar button.

Visit my Contacts Sidebar site for recent versions and news.
Collector's Note Thunderbird 3 support 0.8pre http://jpeters.no-ip.com/extensions/?page=tb_cs

Mail Redirect بواسطة Pawel Krzesniak, Onno Ekker

مقيمة بـ 4 من 5 نجوم 122 تعليقا

31٬458 مستخدما

Allow to redirect (a.k.a. "bounce") mail messages to other recipients.
Collector's Note 0.7.4 for Thunderbird 3.x http://mailredirect.mozdev.org/

Stationery بواسطة Arivald

مقيمة بـ 4 من 5 نجوم 84 تعليقا

38٬589 مستخدما

Extension to mimic Outlook Express Stationery.
Allow you to use HTML files as templates for mail. Also allow custom template in replies or forwarded mail!

CompactHeader بواسطة jmozmoz

مقيمة بـ 5 من 5 نجوم 167 تعليقا

152٬531 مستخدما

Add symbol in header plane to switch between compact and expanded view. Options to switch between one or two lines compact view, which buttons should be displayed in header pane. For Thunderbird 36 and older use version 2.0.9 (see version history)

XNote++ بواسطة Lorenz Froihofer

مقيمة بـ 5 من 5 نجوم 62 تعليقا

19٬144 مستخدما

Persistent sticky notes for Thunderbird associated to mails.
This is a port to Thunderbird >= 3 and Seamonkey >= 2 based on XNote 2.1.0 ( https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/3093 ) with bugfixes and additional features.

LightningButton بواسطة rsjtdrjgfuzkfg

مقيمة بـ 4 من 5 نجوم 13 تعليقا

22٬257 مستخدما

Toolbar-Buttons for Lightning; advances the feature to get rid of the tabbar.

Xpunge بواسطة Theodore Tegos

مقيمة بـ 4 من 5 نجوم 34 تعليقا

13٬814 مستخدما

Empties the Trash and Junk folders, and compacts folders in multiple Thunderbird accounts.

Hide Menubar بواسطة yuoo2k

Supports to hide Menu Bar automatically, you can press the ALT key to show it temporarily.

Cert Viewer Plus بواسطة Kaspar Brand

مقيمة بـ 5 من 5 نجوم 5 تعليقات

5٬059 مستخدما

Certificate viewer enhancements: PEM format view, file export, trust configuration
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