Gijs Kruitbosch

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الاسم Gijs Kruitbosch
المنطقة Apeldoorn, NL
الموقع الإلكتروني
مُستخدم منذ March 5, 2007
عدد الإضافات التي طورتها 5 add-ons
معدّل التقييم من مطوري الإضافات مقيمة بـ 4 من 5 نجوم

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JavaScript Debugger Requires Restart

As of Firefox 33, Venkman *no longer works*, as the APIs which it needs have been removed.

Venkman is the code name for Mozilla's JavaScript Debugger. Venkman aimed to provide a powerful JavaScript debugging environment for Mozilla based browsers.

مقيمة بـ 4 من 5 نجوم (50)
89,171 users

ChatZilla Requires Restart

A clean, easy to use and highly extensible Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client.

مقيمة بـ 4 من 5 نجوم (128)
79,121 users

Chrome List Requires Restart

Lets you take a peek at the files under the hood of your Firefox installation and profile...

مقيمة بـ 4 من 5 نجوم (30)
548 users

Triage Helper Compatible with Firefox 57+

Help do triage of Firefox bugs!

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MXR to DXR - WebExtension Compatible with Firefox 57+

Rewrites all MXR source links to DXR ones. Doesn't check repo availability (if the slug for the repo is not on DXR, the link will 404), or work for search queries, but does rewrite 'rev' and 'mark' parameters to syntax that works with DXR.

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5 users


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