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الاسم Bill Johnson
مُستخدم منذ January 18, 2012
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I tried the alternative 'Google Contacts' and came away screaming when it went into a loop and created 25,000 duplicate contacts in gmail! That took almost all day to clear out since gmail only allows 250 contacts to be deleted at once. Zindus installed with no effort and easily downloaded all my gmail contacts. One small issue was solved with the help of the Mozilla Messaging forum. Since gmail has only one combined name field, names are imported into the 'Display Name' field and the first and last name fields are left blank. At first the Address Book listing had no names at all showing. Then I learned that the menu pick 'View/Show Name As/Display Name' fixes that. Now everything looks great.

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Google Contacts

User Beware مقيمة بـ 1 من 5 نجوم

Google Contacts created a loop that generated 25,000 (really!) duplicate contacts in my gmail account. Even after I shut down Thunderbird, the process continued and I had to go into the Task Manager and kill the thunderbird.exe process to get it to stop.

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