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Export All Certificates Requires Restart

Adds an option to export all root certificates.

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400 users

Certificate Watch Requires Restart

Informs you when digital certificates for secure websites are used.

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Thanks anon regarding the explanation of the packed .js file (it's a data file that can be restored to original state).

Regarding the issue of the license, at is mentions GPLv2. The problem is that the author should follow the guidance of GPL and
1. include 'COPYING' in the source code.
2. Mention GPL in each source file.

For more on this steps, see

This may sound secretary work, but it's very important. Also allows to say: got a problem? fix and send over a patch :-). It's free software.

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It's an extension, meaning that you can find the source code in your ~/.mozilla/firefox/ profile.

Two concerns: The author indeed omitted to add references to the GPL or other open-source licenses. Thus, currently you cannot touch the code.

One of the javascript files is obfuscated, specifically the file.
My concern would be why this file is obfuscated.

هذا التعليق كان على إصدارة سابقة من هذه الإضافة (2.0.2)