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المنطقة 69 Sara Bellum Ave., Townsville
الوظيفة Professor of Applied Music Theory; Performing Musician; Rambling Psychotic
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Apollo Bookmark/Tab/History Sync add-on

مقيمة بـ 3 من 5 نجوم

Don't you hate it when some dipstick tries to gain support, under the guise of a review? Indeed, I fit the bill. I'm looking for a way to Sync my COMODO IceDragon (a Firefox derivative), using the /now/ traditional method of Weave, w/ the built-in Sync facilities (i.e. common, essentailly, to Seamonkey, Firefox, and i suspect-- the mail client [thunderbird?] as well).

What say you for advisory? I've instlled the legacy FirefoxSync joint, yo, but seems to be getting me nowhere.

Advisory, much appreciated. Many thanks.

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DuckDuckGo (HTTPS / SSL)

Better? No. Necessary. مقيمة بـ 5 من 5 نجوم

The cliched preface, “Just One Word…”-- while I applaud the effort-- I am disappointed by the delivery. My first thought is “Better? ‘Better’ than what?”. https://duckduckgo.com is deserving of something much more telling than ‘better’. (forgive me, for I realize this reads as some kind of attack on whomever wrote that review. it's not. it's a cry for-- no pun intended-- something /better/. Let us propose a challenge: If you had to summarize the value of the “Duck Duck Go” search-engine experience, in one word, what would it be?

Here's my entry: Freedom.

هذا التعليق كان على إصدارة سابقة من هذه الإضافة (20120317) 

MicroFox for Firefox

Hope this guy doesn't park next to you... مقيمة بـ 5 من 5 نجوم

because the Millenium Falcon is really going to make-- even your H2-- look like a piece of garbage. So, because he pulls-off the Han Solo thing so well, I'm thinking maybe I can get some verbal commands, like “Chewy, get us out of here!”, when i get myself in a spot, somewhere on-line. I believe I am now thus compelled to make a virtual adventure of it; 3-Pea-Oh, ready the hypertext. What? I just fixed the hypertext. R2, see what do with it. Everybody else, hang on to something!

هذا التعليق كان على إصدارة سابقة من هذه الإضافة (2.0.6) 

Proxy Tool

Piped Always Cromulent .pac مقيمة بـ 3 من 5 نجوم

I recognize that other users report this is a quality tool for browse-by-proxy management. I realize the add-on developer is not obliged to provide documentation; a manual, or user's guide, and as well, I use many extensions-- without difficulty-- also without having a proper manual, which might seem likewise incomprehensible to other users, as a tool such as this is beyond my own capacity. I understand Proxy, and I'm aware of, and have successfully used (if memory serves) a Proxy Auto-Conf file, as may be accessed via HTTP URL [i.e. someURL.pac , as illustrated under Web > Autoproxy, amongst the Netscape and other archives, indexed from http://linuxmafia.com/kb/ ]. In composing this review-- rather a plea for better understanding, I admit-- I learned of yet another method, the wpad.dat which utilizes, ideally, DHCP, or DNS for the Web Proxy Auto-Discovery, or WPAD (e.g. as briefed at: http://www.findproxyforurl.com ). With PAC and WPAD showing in as many articles on proxy confs as I've surveyed, momentarily, for writing a better text here, I find it peculiar-- for my understanding of the tech-- neither "pac", nor "wpad" is in the text of the "Proxy Tool" add-on description (i.e. < Ctrl+F > "pac" /or "wpad" returned no matches, only after first reading the "Proxy Tool" add-on text for elements related to my research, as described).

"...It confounds me!...", [The Hulk, /Robot Chicken/, "The Real World, Gotham City"]

I suspect many users might appreciate the URL's i've gathered this session, regarding aforementioned PAC, and WPAD. I've yet to feel confident in using anything but the "PHZilla" aka PHProxy [former?], add-on for FF / SM, as I've used it with success-- as far as I'm aware, regardless of the apparently vast resources,-- to me, it's like tryig to fit a square peg into a round hole... I'm missing some major piece of the puzzle, apparently. In closing, before I place the list of off-site resources for WPAD / PAC, I realize my commentary here might lend little insight into the add-on "Proxy Tool". I apologize to the reader who feels as he or she has wasted time in reading this text.

Aight, yo! Dig this, sukka!...
PAC @ HokeyMedia _ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proxy_auto-config#The_PAC_file
WPAD @ Hokeypedia _ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_Proxy_Autodiscovery_Protocol
PAC & WPAD @ Comprehensive list _ http://www.findproxyforurl.com/pac_wpad_resources.html
WPAD vs. security, DNS, Dan Kaminsky, etc. _ http://www.mercenary.net/blog/index.php?/archives/42-HOWTO-WPAD.html
Google "PAC" tester _ http://code.google.com/p/pactester/
WPAD: How-to, MS Windows _ http://www.itbully.com/articles/auto-configuring-proxy-settings
Proxytester _ http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/proxytest/index.php?title=Main_Page

only SOCKS i gots wit ma' Chuck Taylor's, yo!...
... i hope to revisit when i can better appreciate the work here. thanks

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CannaFox Marijuana Add-On

HT-100 Candidate مقيمة بـ 3 من 5 نجوم


هذا التعليق كان على إصدارة سابقة من هذه الإضافة (0.4) 

Character Identifier

مقيمة بـ 5 من 5 نجوم

While some of us will be more interested in Unicode than others, considering its projected omnipresence, I expect many of us continue to search for the best way to express Unicode in our own compositions. Character Identifier, the mozilla add-on XPI, deserves your attention as a practical Unicode learning tool. By identifying only those characters which have been "selected" in a text (i.e. text selected using the mouse, or a combination of shift+arrow-keys), it eliminates the need to sort through charts and tables to find the desired code point for a particular character glyph, or set of characters/ glyphs. I've given Character Identifier a high rating because I appreciate the author's attention to detail: select a bit of text (i.e. rendered from HTML, as in a web page), choose "Identify Characters" from the context menu, and a new dialogue window appears showing, in itemized detail, the Unicode Character which corresponds to each of the glyphs selected. The code points are hexadecimal, aligned with the Unicode Character name (i.e. unicode.org "Characters, not Glyphs" , Fig 2.2 http://www.unicode.org/versions/Unicode5.0.0/). This is a proper learning tool for people interested in Unicode, but it will serve as a means of simply learning NCR's as well.

هذا التعليق كان على إصدارة سابقة من هذه الإضافة (0.1.2) 

bookmarks history panel

مقيمة بـ 3 من 5 نجوم

I love every add-on developed by "White Alice0775"! Maybe this developer shares my viewpoint on usability-- but he / she seems to have a real knack for finding ways to improve the software, and moreover-- for realizing the concept into an intuitive, working add-on. In general, I recommend bookmarking https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/user/84420 because there's probably going to be something there you'll find useful! :-)
And that brings me to the real reason for this "review". I almost always get the point of her* add-ons, but this one, i'm afraid, i do not understand the intended purpose. "i don't get it". A "before and after" screen capture would probably help me to better understand (as well as mozilla.com getting rid of "Lightbox" would also be a big improvement!). I hope White Alice0775 will read this, and consider my suggestion. I look forward to trying out more great ways of improving the browser!

هذا التعليق كان على إصدارة سابقة من هذه الإضافة (1.3) 

Logos Toolbar

مقيمة بـ 2 من 5 نجوم

As a Bachelor of Sciences of Communication and Instruction, I am intrigued by the efforts in technology development which attempt to bridge the gap between multi-national linguistics and common understanding-- especially in the realm of web and software development (such as this add-on, for example). It is unfortunate, however, the details of this particular tool are so poorly communicated. It "looks interesting", but I don't know if it applies me, a person who speaks English, and I'm unclear as to its goal, if I were to use it, how well it would achieve that goal. I hope the author might rewrite the description with a greater appreciation for users who have no idea of its purpose.

هذا التعليق كان على إصدارة سابقة من هذه الإضافة (2.7) 


مقيمة بـ 5 من 5 نجوم

The Mozilla / Firefox folks ought to consider the practical efficacy of in solutions which "fill the gaps" which exist-- as someone points out earlier-- for years (ahem... paradigm shift... isn't that a mozilla buzzword, after all??) -- instead of investing people-hours (man-hours, whatever) in the horrendously boring game of one-upmanship, which manifests in features like the "Awesome Barre" (fantastic prohibition), while the end-user, lifting the jaw from the table, "where did that come from!?"-- and still fussing w/ the mailto links! ha! hmm... what's the W3C's position on the func of mailto? hmph! that's worthy of a bit o' research. thank you! oh yeah-- 5 stars for simple, practical functionality providing an exponential quality-of-life improvement.

هذا التعليق كان على إصدارة سابقة من هذه الإضافة (0.2.1) 

Dublin Core NeViewer

What Beauty in Irony? مقيمة بـ 2 من 5 نجوم

You say plus. I say "add". You say minus. I say "subtract". You say i18n.
I say nothing, but I digress.

Awesome! I haven't tried it yet, but the publisher apparently isn't afraid to push the envelope on screen font legibility-- an affinity shared between he and i-- indeed, more than words could describe (which might explain the lack thereof for its purpose), this approach to brevity is quite demonstrative of an inclination toward intuitive design, open-minded inventiveness, and is one veritable asset of inarguable esteem.

For this, I've decided with little doubt, the Dublin Core NeViewer is very nice. But... wait: what is it?

Shooting in the dark, I'm going to guess that "Dublin Core NeViewer" is an enhancement for multilingual developers-- an aide for promoting universal accessibility, and understanding. This, of course, is just a guess. I venture likewise to make a prediction about usability, for a whole is only half without its complement in documentation. I have little on which to base my expectations, so I expect the same to be true farther down the line. How am I doing so far in my own understanding? How is this affectation, for the muse of irony?

As a proponent of accessibility, and universal understanding, I am interested in the nature of this extension-- but I may be completely off-base. I do hope there might be more to learn on my next visit. Next time it's revealed here at AMO, I will look for an updated description (I hope I might find in the details, some text which does more describing, please).

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JSView is Top-Shelf مقيمة بـ 5 من 5 نجوم

i believe in one primary prerequisite; that a certain quality of practical simplicity exist for one such tool to be worthy of "praise". JSView is just that sort of utility. Simple, effective, genuine, and solid in functionality.

that it is practical, and not an exercise in XUL, an attempt to direct traffic to one's domain, or etc., has kept JSView amonst my most desired addons, upon my dealing with any unmodified gecko browser installation.

JSView is amongst the best of the best web design / development aides available here at A.M.O. -- my only distress with it is, unlike "View Source With", JSView-- to my knowledge / skill in configuring it, is unable to load from a development server, for example, an index.php file such that it is not merely the HTML rendered in the browser, the the "real php file", complete for example, with include()'s, etc., instead of the HTML / whatever which is shown in the browser. (however, this may be an issue of the past, i don't recall for certain). Regardless, it's still useful, and a fine companion to VSW. I always stick the button in the Chris Pederick Web Dev'r toolbar-- goes nice righ next to the "css" button. hehe... or near the CSS / JS error markers. :-)

هذا التعليق كان على إصدارة سابقة من هذه الإضافة (2.0.5) 

Gradient iCool (Blue)

whatif Grad.iCool reversed()? مقيمة بـ 3 من 5 نجوم

dig it, but for the white on blk. if it were black on white, with non-gradient icons (that is-- yawn on everything since 2005 is trying to simulate glass. oh! it's so tired. i'd say more, but the point is not to insult!). These Icons-- the design is befitting of FF3's layout, plus they rank on legibility, however-- that is-- i dunno-- have i seen these before (uh.. yes?). if dude created em from scratch, then i appreciate the work as a fine, effective job-- excepting, of course, the gradient, shave-gel-- whatever's going on there... mmmm blueberry jellybeans w/ cream on the bottom! ouch! anyway-- dude should try that. or have i basically described "sky", or "blue [some-such] / junior / lite ", (sorry, bad w/ names, but i know there's a "lite" version, but it's NOT our recurring character, billboe billybragg baggins, whom might have say, "soliciting fun, my off-site schwiggitty-schwagg"!. no, indeed, not /that/ guy-- it's a fair theme, but all sorts of adamant about [paraphrased], "don't use my [blue junior lite] theme to upload your own"). whatever-- point is-- this user would like to see a version like this, w/out the gradient layer, as described. why not try a new approach to creating an illusion of depth? something, of course, which looks nothing at all like glass (or shaving gel!). rock on. oh-- cool-- dude did nice job on the scroll bars. eww-- except for that Ubuntu-stormcloud-esque- vertical i dunno-- "crease", "hump"-- they're otherwise decent.
(sorry if i'm I the only one who has "been there, done that"; seen so much of this "stylistic schtic" to the point of finding the "glossy" approach to be-- overused?)

i do want to close, however, by stating that the theme comes off as "clean", and well put-together. just not my vibe. (is it me, or are the scrollbars, tabs, and buttons all variant in hue?)

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Ctrl-Tab?... INSTANT Classic! مقيمة بـ 5 من 5 نجوم

Few mozilla add-on's wear names even /half/ as natural as this one. Say what you begrudgingly might say-- bottom line is-- dude was clever enough to go with it. But that's not really the point. The point is-- the thing is actually cool too! i mean-- it's so right-at-home there, if someone told me i'd been knocked on the head-- i'm seein' double-- that's been there almost since Mosaic... i might even believe 'em! well, okay-- that's Mosaic is a little overboard, but it does perform w/out any hitch i've known, it looks great, in every theme i've tried, and it smells good too! try it out. it don't cost nuttin'. sheet

هذا التعليق كان على إصدارة سابقة من هذه الإضافة (0.19.3)