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This is an essential feature that should really be part of the mobile Firefox! Thank you!

(Now, where the hey is the donate link for this add on....)

Thank you!

Hi pepoluan, thank you for the review.
The mobile version of this page doesn' t have the donate link, so if you want to contribute to the development of this addon you can donate with the link:

I suggest you to try also the ' Home link' addon.

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hi enrico, good stuff. i would be hooking you up with a donation instantly if this addon could do autoscrolling with +/- button adjustable speed.

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Das Tool ist wirklich sehr hilfreich beim Lesen umfangreicher Seiten oder beim Navigieren in langen Texten. Ich vermisse allerdings einen Shortcut, um das Tool aufzurufen.

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I like the transparent panel, so i can read throgh it.
I dislike that i can't choose to leave the "scroll panel" always on: as soon as i remove my finger/stick it disappear.
It would be nice if the dimension and especially the position (i would like to have it on the side, right or left, of the screen) of the panel could be adjustable.
It's a great addon; from now on I can't live without it.
I look on the net for shortcuts to reach the button of the extension, but i couldn't find it. It would be very useful.

هذا التعليق كان على إصدارة سابقة من هذه الإضافة (1.0.2)