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Confession #1: I have been using Web Developer since it appeared as an add-on for Firefox.

Confession #2: Of all the productivity tools I have ever used for Firefox (and Flock when Flock was still around), Web Developer has been my constant go-to for all my front-end web developing needs.

Confession #3: Web Developer is so indispensable for me that I will - and have! - refuse to upgrade my Firefox if Web Developer is not yet compatible. In fact, I am currently waiting for Firefox 10 compatibility.

That said, having the easy-access navigational strip right below my tabs while I'm debugging a web page allows me to quickly switch between all the different tools and I can't even begin to express how much time and energy this has saved me.

Need to do a quick match for some CSS? Display Element Information (or any of the other Display functions, depending on what exactly you suppose is going on with your coding... or someone else's).

Need to turn off JavaScript? Disable JavaScript.

Want to screen out all images on a page? Disable Images.

How about Comments? Want to take a looksee? Show Comments.

Time to Validate the HTML and CSS? Go to Tools and click on the appropriate Validate button.

There's way, way more features than the ones I mentioned, but at least it gives an idea of some of the things I can do with Web Developer right at my fingertips.

Thanks a million, Chris!

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