٧٧ reviews
  • I don't understand why Mozilla would remove this function, but thanks to Aurelien David we have it back! It works as well as when it was built in.
  • Tested 12 others before settling on this - it's as good as Firefox's original RSS reader.
  • restores the previous built-in functionality of the browser, including showing links to media (which other RSS interpreter add-ons omit for some oddball reason). Why any (other) add-on would hide any provided data, I don't know.
  • The "feed detection and address bar button (can be enabled in the addon options)" should be ON by default. "defaults are powerful" and it is very easy miss this option... Otherwise good.
  • Exactly what I needed. Neat preview of the RSS!
  • Compared to the few other similar rss feed indicator/preview extensions, this one works the best for me. The "Enable feed detection" setting should be on by default, though! I mean, that's the whole point of using this extension. And sometimes the indicator doesn't activate on a page until refresh the page.
  • Does what it says, perfect.
  • OK
  • Almost perfect, but feedburner feeds won't work with this addon.