Does what it intends (at times) but one big flaw مقيمة بـ 2 من 5 نجوم

I have been searching for a method or extension to use with Firefox to manage memory usage because just leaving a single tab with facebook or another site open will cause Firefox to use upwards of 2GB.

I had used a few other extensions but none did what I desired until I found Memory Fox. Now, sometimes it will keep it at 600MB or below but has seen Firefox use upwards of 800MB-1.5GB, so in a way, it's not functioning properly.

However, the big flaw here is that it puts a stranglehold on Firefox in terms of operation. It causes browsing to slow to a death-like crawl. I might as well be using my entire memory space.

Developer's Reply

I would encourage you to use the Memory Fox ( OPTIONS ).
Memory Fox by its default Option Settings, can be very aggressive for memory recovery when Tabbing between Tabs. Try increasing the time settings to provide extended timing ( Delays ) within the Options Dialog of Memory Fox.