Simple and convenient مقيمة بـ 5 من 5 نجوم

This add-on is convenience central. I often come across a snippet of foreign text while surfing the 'net, usually on Facebook. Being the inquisitive type, I simply HAVE to know what it means. After highlighting the foreign text, I just right-click on it and choose Translate selection with Google Translate. In less than a second (for say a paragraph) there it is in English (the wonders of Dynamic HTML). No matter what language, it just works. If I come across an entire page of foreign text, I can right-click on the page and choose Translate this page with Google Translate. This saves me a LOT of time and frustration. I used to have to copy and paste either the text or the URL, then go to Google itself, find the Translate feature, then translate it from there ... what a rigmarole that was! Anyway, the bottom line is that I simply can't do without this add-on now =)

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