A valuable add-on for personal privacy مقيمة بـ 5 من 5 نجوم

Been using this add-on for awhile now and set it to delete LSO's on Mozilla shutdown, I also have the icon on the Mozilla header and can delete any flash cookies that have arrived while still surfing the internet.

Thank you IKRG for your work I've only positive things to say about your add-on.

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One of the few Firefox extensions that will delete Flash cookies (Flash Local Storage Objects).

Unfortunately, the UI is not great and it has not been updated for years.

Also, a screenshot needs to be added to the AMO page.

Very inconvenient user interface مقيمة بـ 3 من 5 نجوم

On exit this extension alerts the user that they have a number of LSOs set and asks if it should delete them.

However, it does not show which LSOs and does not allow selective deletion -- this functionality is only available during normal browsing and not when it is needed most.

Has removed over 20K LSO's (Cumulative) مقيمة بـ 5 من 5 نجوم

...for me since installing. Thanks!

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Полезное и рабочее дополнение, которое позволяет контролировать Flash Cookies.

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Useful and well work in ff 37.0.2

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Perfect for the pesky flash cookies

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Is ok

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Best for Mozilla Firefox

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Very useful

هذا المستخدم لديه تعليق سابق على هذه الإضافة.

Excellent مقيمة بـ 5 من 5 نجوم

Even though this hasn't been updated in a while, it still works flawlessly.

If you care about your privacy when surfing online, then you need to add this to your arsenal.

The title says it all, "Better Privacy"! مقيمة بـ 5 من 5 نجوم

Thumbs up! "Better Privacy" and "Self-Destructing Cookies" combine for some oh-so sweet cookies 'n Milk time.

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Great add-on, it enhances privacy with no negative impact on convenience. After you set it up, it sits quietly in the background and does exactly what it's supposed to do and nothing you don't want it to do.

BetterPrivacy ***** مقيمة بـ 5 من 5 نجوم

Excelente para a privacidade!

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Great add-on! Works flawlessly parallel with other privacy add-ons like Ghostery.

Highly recommended! مقيمة بـ 5 من 5 نجوم

Excellent. Does what it promises, and well!

5/5 مقيمة بـ 5 من 5 نجوم

Works as intended, great exentsion. It is also compatible with Pale Moon v25, which makes this addon a great way of fighting software discrimination "Gecko" based browsers.

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Love it! It revealed to me a whole world of secretive info storage and let me interact with it. Been a loyal user for a long time.

Can be used alongside "Adblock Plus" and "Do Not Track Me" safely, and for better results. Also, try "Mask Me," also by Abine, and some of these:

Others I recommend are "Ghostery," "Saved Password Editor," "Secure Login," "Session Manager" a MUST (trust me, I lost everything without it!), and "Flash Block."

I love add-ons, and it is important to support the good ones so they continue to be used. I am still waiting for Zoom in to be updated to the most recent FireFox... :( I am now using "Perfect View" instead, which is more complex, but very nice.

I have others, but they are for art stuff, making webpages look reasonable as they should, and some cool things. I wish Scapbook would update. Mozilla made their edit icon disappear, and I relied heavily (still do!) on that add-on for school and daily life!

nice مقيمة بـ 5 من 5 نجوم