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  • Apple Mail

    by 72 Pixels Per Inch -
    326 gebruikers
  • Thunderbird Stock

    Stock Thunderbird theme extracted from Thunderbird 12.0
    262 gebruikers
  • OxyBird2

    An Oxygen icon theme for Thunderbird 3.1 and Lightning 1.0b2
    733 gebruikers
  • DeLorean_varNaM

    A metalic colored theme for Linux Gnome-Desktop. This theme is intended to be used with the DeLorean_varNaM Gtk Themes.
    32 gebruikers
  • Le Breeze for Thunderbird

    A gray, minimal theme for Thunderbird based on flyson's Breeze.
    27 gebruikers
  • elementary.Human - ein Humanity Theme

    Humanity/elementary theme for Thunderbird 3 and Lightning
    465 gebruikers
  • elementary Thunderbird

    Thunderbird for elementary OS
    533 gebruikers
  • BloodThunder

    This is my first attempt at a Thunderbird theme. Obviously, black and red are my favorite colors. I made it for myself and a few friends. Now I want to share it. If you choose to download it I hope you enjoy this dark theme as much as I enjoyed creat...
    721 gebruikers
  • Gnome (Linux integration)

    Gnome integration theme for practically every linux-distribution which uses gnome and its icons. Uses a lot of standard-theme icons, most icons should integrate fine in whatever icon-theme you're using.
    811 gebruikers
  • Humanity

    A Humanity-Theme for linux-users. Works well with elementary or Humanity iconsets. Uses a lot of gtk-standard icons.
    238 gebruikers
  • Tango Icons for Thunderbird

    Tango Icons for Mozilla...
    834 gebruikers
  • HS-Fulda Thunderbird Theme

    Thunderbird im HS-Fulda Design.
    Thunderbird in HS-Fulda disguise.
    141 gebruikers
  • WinMail

    A Windows Mail v7.0 Theme to give the feeling of the Vista look and a better integration in some Vista-Themes for Windows...
    191 gebruikers
  • Tangerinebird

    Theme with Tangerine icons for Thunderbird. A variant of the Tango theme.
    870 gebruikers
  • WinMailBlue

    Windows Mail v7.0 Theme (Vista-Build 5381.1)...
    230 gebruikers
  • Doodle Classic for Thunderbird

    A childish and colourful theme for Thunderbird with menu...
    683 gebruikers