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  • TT DeepDark

    Smooth dark theme for Thunderbird
    • Firefox version available here
    46 670 gebruikers
    3 344 keer per week afgelaai
  • Nautipolis for Thunderbird

    Nautipolis for Thunderbird: High-quality, solid theme based on icons from art.gnome.org.
    Fully compatible with from 5.0 upto latest nightly build (currently 27.0a1). Full support for Lightning/calendar.
    14 422 gebruikers
    235 keer per week afgelaai
  • Phoenity Shredder

    A simple and colorful theme for everyone.
    11 291 gebruikers
    185 keer per week afgelaai
  • Classic TB2

    Theme using mostly TB2 icons plus the best of TB1.5, TB3, and later versions.
    5 152 gebruikers
    158 keer per week afgelaai
  • PitchDark for TB

    Dark-colored minimalistic theme with emphasis on visibility, usability and maximum screen real estate.
    7 045 gebruikers
    150 keer per week afgelaai
  • Tangobird

    Theme with Tango icons for Thunderbird.
    2 870 gebruikers
    118 keer per week afgelaai
  • Australis ReDesign TB by Ansgar

    Design Theme for Thunderbird ( and Earlybird / Daily )
    based on Australis Redesign Theme

    Design by Ansgar
    1 772 gebruikers
    109 keer per week afgelaai
  • Littlebird for Thunderbird

    Littlebird for Thunderbird, based on icons from art.gnome.org. Fully compatible with from 5.0 upto the latest nightly builds (currently 27.0a1). Full support for Lightning/calendar.
    5 854 gebruikers
    89 keer per week afgelaai
  • xpDefault

    Default XP theme for Windows 7

    Thank you all for donations! If you have any suggestions (or bug reports), don't hesitate to add a review below or write me an e-mail.
    4 071 gebruikers
    86 keer per week afgelaai
  • Tangerinebird

    Theme with Tangerine icons for Thunderbird. A variant of the Tango theme.
    1 116 gebruikers
    83 keer per week afgelaai
  • Classic Reloaded

    Classic Reloaded ist ein kompaktes und zugleich schlichtes Theme.
    7 598 gebruikers
    57 keer per week afgelaai
  • Outlook 2003 BlueTB

    A Outlook 2003 Theme in Blue to give the feeling of the Office look and a better integration in the Luna Windows XP...
    6 783 gebruikers
    55 keer per week afgelaai
  • MicroThunderbird for Thunderbird

    MicroThunderbird, for Thunderbird. Based on LittleBird, sporting the same screensaving, and with same 'retro' design (8-bit colors). Fully compatible with from 5.0 upto current nightlies. Full support for Lightning/calendar.
    2 394 gebruikers
    48 keer per week afgelaai
  • Classic Toolbar Icons for Thunderbird

    Classic Toolbar Icons for Thunderbird.
    2 307 gebruikers
    46 keer per week afgelaai
  • Metal for Thunderbird

    Metal for Thunderbird, theme optimized for using your own background. Based on the Nautipolis/LittleFox framework.
    695 gebruikers
    41 keer per week afgelaai
  • aeroDefault

    Default 'aero' theme for older Windows XP

    aeroDefault is no longer maintained due to low number of its users. If you are interested to take it over, don't hesitate to get in touch with me.
    1 594 gebruikers
    33 keer per week afgelaai