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  • Outlook 2003 SilverTB

    A Outlook 2003 Theme in Silver to give the feeling of the Office look and a better integration in the Silver Windows XP...
    1 943 gebruikers
  • Australis ReDesign TB by Ansgar

    Design Theme for Thunderbird ( and Earlybird / Daily )
    based on Australis Redesign Theme

    Design by Ansgar
    1 800 gebruikers
  • Tangerinebird

    Theme with Tangerine icons for Thunderbird. A variant of the Tango theme.
    1 061 gebruikers
  • Crossover X

    Works with Thunderbird 2.0

    A smoother version of Crossover
    1 412 gebruikers
  • Whitehart TB

    A clean, simple and stylish design for Thunderbird based on the Firefox Whitehart theme.
    993 gebruikers
  • Outlook 2003 BlueTB

    A Outlook 2003 Theme in Blue to give the feeling of the Office look and a better integration in the Luna Windows XP...
    4 718 gebruikers
  • Phoenity Shredder

    A simple and colorful theme for everyone.
    9 634 gebruikers
  • xpDefault

    Default XP theme for Windows 7. Works also with the Lightning calendar add-on!

    Thank you all for donations! If you have any suggestions (or bug reports), don't hesitate to submit them on the Support site (on the right below the screenshots).
    3 838 gebruikers
  • Tangobird

    Theme with Tango icons for Thunderbird.
    2 545 gebruikers
  • Classic TB2

    Theme using mostly TB2 icons plus the best of TB1.5, TB3, and later versions.
    5 234 gebruikers
  • TT DeepDark

    Smooth dark theme for Thunderbird
    • Beta version available here
    43 316 gebruikers
  • PitchDark for TB

    Dark-colored minimalistic theme with emphasis on visibility, usability and maximum screen real estate.
    4 831 gebruikers
  • Classic Toolbar Icons for Thunderbird

    Classic Toolbar Icons for Thunderbird.
    2 247 gebruikers
  • Classic Reloaded

    Classic Reloaded ist ein kompaktes und zugleich schlichtes Theme.
    5 709 gebruikers
  • Oxygenate

    An Oxygen icon theme for Thunderbird and Lightning
    1 976 gebruikers
  • MicroThunderbird for Thunderbird

    MicroThunderbird, for Thunderbird. Based on LittleBird, sporting the same screensaving, and with same 'retro' design (8-bit colors). Fully compatible with from 5.0 upto current nightlies. Full support for Lightning/calendar.
    2 023 gebruikers