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Weergawe 0.4 11.0 KiB Werk met Thunderbird 2.0 - 3.1a1pre

* Add ca-AD, cs-CZ, he-IL, mk-MK, pl-PL, pt-BR, tr-TR, and uk-UA locales from Babelzilla.
* Bump Thunderbird maxVersion to 3.1.*.
* Use toolbar API to remove buttons from the toolbars, don't make assumptions about the internal toolbar workings. This is preparation for changes in toolbar customization in 3.0b2+ (Bug 407725).

Weergawe 0.3 8.0 KiB Werk met Thunderbird 2.0 - 3.0a3

2007-08-04: xSearchbar v0.3:

* Added translations from Babelzilla.
* Added a default preference for the localized description.
* Added a skin directory and used some CSS to make the height of the view picker closer to that of the searchbox.

2007-06-05: xSearchbar v0.2:

* Added the View->Toolbars->Search Bar menu item.
* Remove the Views and QuickSearch toolbar buttons from the main toolbox palette so it doesn't show up in the Customize window.

2007-06-01: xSearchbar v0.1:

* Initial release v0.1: