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Weergawe 3.0beta1 165.5 KiB Werk met Firefox 3.6 - 25.*, SeaMonkey 2.0 - 2.24a1, Thunderbird 3.1 - 25.*

  • Streamlined password window by using a toolbar
  • Fixed [Bug 25580] Better heuristics to determine which fields are not visible to avoid filling the wrong logon fields.
    Some web sites use the same name for multiple login boxes and hide them by pushing them "off screen". This version tries to guard against that.
  • Added button to "Correct Field Names" - for Sites who use duplicate / hidden login forms on the same page which confuses Firefox. Use this feature if Quickpasswords is not able to auto-fill the login form. A notification is displayed on the current browser tab. Now right-click the password box and select Insert Password". Likewise, right-click the user name box and select "Insert User Name".
    QuickPasswords will prompt in both cases, whether to correct the stored entry using a notification at the top. Click [Update field] to correct the field name

    Click the "Update field" button to correct the field name entry in both cases.