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Hoekom is AVIM gebou?

Computers usually come with Vietnamese keyboard layouts, but they weren’t designed for everyday use. So plenty of third-party input method editors have sprung up. As a fast-typing Vietnamese Wikipedia contributor, I must’ve tried all of them. None felt natural enough: with their various limitations, they constantly reminded me of their presence. When you drive a car, the last thing you want distracting you is the steering wheel design.

I made this extension to scratch an itch, to open a bottleneck in my workflow, to make my life easier. But I *released* it to the world because I wanted to make something easy enough for my family to use. And now they do.

 – Minh Nguyễn

Wat is volgende vir AVIM?

AVIM isn’t done yet. There are still a bunch of bugs to fix and many ways to make Vietnamese typing more comfortable. I’m open to ideas on how to do so, while keeping the extension simple and focused. Other add-ons can tackle tasks like autocorrection, spell checking, and Hán–Nôm conversion. But AVIM is simple enough that I can describe its purpose to a computer novice in just one sentence, and it should stay that way.

Regardless, if you have a great idea for AVIM that’ll change Vietnamese computing forever, or even if you just want to nitpick, please contact me.

– Minh Nguyễn

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Wie is Minh Nguyễn?

A Bay Area software developer previously from Loveland, Ohio, United States. An administrator at the Vietnamese Wikipedia.

Naam Hieu Tran Dang
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