Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I 'opted in' to the BitDefender offer, while upgrading ... maybe while taking off FF 4 and then 'catching up' again to v3.6.15. I have BitDefender as both a "plugin" and as an "extension".

It strips the "Back - Forward" button and the "Location Bar" from the Navigation Bar. At some point while deactivating several dozen plugins and restarting FF, one by one, the entire Main Menu grayed out.

Sure, this is a 'come on' from the BitDefender people, but it's still 'a good thing'. They just need to be more careful, do a large-population Beta run.

I.e., I do not use the Tab Bar at all, and have Compact Classic Theme ... and other "idiosyncracies" which may 'set me up' for adverse interactions with BitDefender's plugin ... but all my special settings are totally legit, and BD should 'live gracefully' with them.

I will keep the BitDefender plugin for now - deactivated - and will be watching closely for an update from them

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