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Diccionari català (general)

Diccionari ortogràfic lliure català (versió general).

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Diccionari valencià

Diccionari ortogràfic lliure català (versió valenciana).

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Firefox en valencià Compatible with Firefox 57+

Paquet d'idioma per a tindre la interfície del Firefox en variant valenciana.

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Cerca el lloc web de Softcatalà

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Paquet català/valencià per al ChatZilla

Traducció del ChatZilla al català (en variant general i valenciana)

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Locale Switcher

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Any support for last Thunderbird as well?

Mozilla Labs - Prism

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May you update it to Firefox 3.6?

Dié resensie is oor 'n vorige weergawe van dié byvoeging (1.0b2). 


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Hi, updating to stable 3.6 would be highly appreciated. :D


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Could you update it to most up-to-date beta and future Firefox 3.5? Thanks for this addon.

Diccionari català (general)

Instal·lació Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Si no podeu instal·lar el diccionari al Firefox o algun altre programa, cliqueu 'Mostra totes les versions' i trieu la versió pertinent per a l'aplicació.

Dié resensie is oor 'n vorige weergawe van dié byvoeging (0.1.5). 

Firefox en valenciano

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- Translated strings from this add-on are derived from es-ES corresponding ones using Mozilla Translator.
- "roa-ES-val" is used as a locale code
- Translation is made up according to "El Puig" norms, which are non-official ortographical norms (not used neither in administration nor in education) elaborated by RACV association ( It diverts from the official ortographic norms in different issues. For example, it uses "ch" digraph, which is also present in Spanish. However, this is not accepted by official institutions for representing the same sound.

- There is already an official version of this language for Firefox under Catalan-Valencian name (there other resources which use the same terminology, for instance: Valencian is the official, traditional and historical name of Catalan language in present-day Autonomous Community of Valencia. A language may have different names, even in the same country, as this happens with Spanish and Castilian.
- Official Firefox translation is based upon recommendations from official institutions, which governments and schools must follow. These are: Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua ( and Institut d'Estudis Catalans (
- ISO 639-1 code for Valencian is "ca" (

- Change of locale code: This could be changed to ca-ES-puig or ca-ES-racv, where "puig" is the name of the norms used and "racv" is the name of the association which is promoting it.
- Title and description should include the facts given above, so users can freely decide whether this language pack fulfills their needs and it is really what they wanted to download. A suggested title could be: "Normes del Puig based Valencian" or "RACV based Valencian". Description or title should note that these are actually the norms used and that they are also not official.

Hope this helps!

Dié resensie is oor 'n vorige weergawe van dié byvoeging (2.0.1).