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Naam nut84
Ligging St-Petersburg, Russia
Beroep Startups Producer
Gebruiker sedert Aug. 7, 2010
Aantal byvoegings ontwikkel 4 byvoegings
Gemiddelde gradering van ontwikkelaar se byvoegings Rated 2 out of 5 stars

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I achieved master degree with honors in Applied Math and IT; researched neuronets; developed physical emulation engine for mobile platforms; constructed well known AI program for trading on stock market etc.
CEO at Social Searcher company.

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Facebook Search

Facebook Search without logging in! Search Facebook Messages, People, Applications, Music, Video, Groups etc. For more it allows one to search for specific texts on the walls of Facebook subscribers en masse. Make your keyword search around Facebook!

Rated 2 out of 5 stars (2)
152 keer afgelaai per week

Social Buzz

Social Buzz - Real Time Search for Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This Social Media Search Engine allows to use Multiple Keywords, Content types and Popularity Filtering, Locale options and provides Search Results Analytics.

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8 keer afgelaai per week

Myspace Search

Search Myspace Comments, People, Applications, Music, Video, Groups etc.

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6 keer afgelaai per week

Google Plus Search

Google Plus Search without logging in.

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4 keer afgelaai per week

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