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Naam Jeff Hammel
Gebruiker sedert Julie 7, 2010
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Mozilla Labs: Prospector - Home Dash

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Trying out the new version -- its downright usable, unlike the old version. A few issues.

0. I could not figure out how to file bugs or request features. So I'm writing a review (which is kinda silly)
1. There needs to be a way to copy the current page's url to the clipboard. This is vital!
2. The windows group on my machine does not shade properly :(
3. Opening a new tab in tabcandy causes old chrome to appear.

I hope this addon gets some traction. I've been using it today and its pretty slick and I'd like to stick with it. 1. is my major problem


Rated 4 out of 5 stars

just what i needed! thanks!

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F1 by Mozilla Labs

Rated 3 out of 5 stars

As a busy person, I love the ideal: share pages easily via web services. That said, the web services included aren't very useful to me (except gmail). What if I want to post to my blog? What if I want to submit to some arbitrary service? To make this a killer, there should be some (trivial) way of being able to add an (e.g.) POST routine for a new website so that it can be used with F1. For me, this makes the difference of "Oh, I can share stuff via gmail" vs. "I can use F1 to do everything now!"

As a P.S., it would also be nice to hook into the "Add bookmark" event so that if I bookmark a page I get an option to share it with the world (I know you've implemented vice-versa, but that doesn't really work for me).

Dié resensie is oor 'n vorige weergawe van dié byvoeging (0.8.0).