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foxydeal No Restart

foxydeal looks for the lowest price while you are shopping online. When
foxydeal finds the product you are looking for in another online shop for a
lower price you will get a discreet notification in your browser. The easy way to
save money!

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Price Rocket No Restart

Your intuitive Shopping Assistant and effective Price Comparison, directly in your Firefox browser - Automatic price comparison, alerts for lower prices when you are shopping online and much more.

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购物党全网自动比价工具:淘宝京东比价、历史价格跟踪、降价提醒、全网收藏夹 No Restart


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全自动比价,支持淘宝,京东,亚马逊,当当,易迅,苏宁,国美,一号店,天猫等上百家网站。安装完成后可以打开例如 这样的商品页面,在网页下方就会出现比价条。

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Aliexpress tool No Restart

Aliexpress Tool делает Али ещё удобнее..

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Shoptimate : compare prices automatically No Restart

Shoptimate compares prices automatically for you. We also provide coupons and price alerts.

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Perk for Firefox - Earn Rewards on the Web! No Restart

Perk is the only web browser companion add-on that lets you earn points when you shop and search the web.

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Instant access to your online shopping paradise. The more transaction you've made from our extension, the more point-cashback you'll get!

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什么值得买 实时推送 No Restart


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Extrabux - Cash Back & Coupons No Restart

Earn 1-30% cash back and get exclusive coupons on every purchase at more than 2,000 online retailers. When you visit a supported retailer’s website, a discreet message bar notifies you of cash back and available coupons. Otherwise, it stays hidden.

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火眼如意比价淘 No Restart

“比价宝购物助手” 正式更名为“火眼如意比价淘”,并启用新的logo,视觉上占用页面空间更小,比价速度更快,更加精准强大,支持网站更多,目前支持淘宝、天猫、京东、苏宁、当当、一号店、国美等上百家主流电商网站。

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MakkhiChoose No Restart

Compare prices across online stores in India. Save money!

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Prisjägaren No Restart

Hämtar information från Prisjakt när du besöker en nätbutik. Nu i ny version med ny design, bättre prestanda, samt anpassad för Firefox 4 och nyare.

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Amazonbutton FR

Accès direct au site

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Secure CC No Restart

Secure Credit Card Numbers is a convenience launcher from the toolbar or Tools menu to launch the online virtual credit card programs available from Discover, Citibank and Bank of America.

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Price Watch For Amazon can help you watch price for Amazon items easily. Put the email in the script to save your typing.

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Rabattkoder till svenska nätbutiker

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Essential Baby Items Deal Tracker: Diapers/Formula

Based on our popular site -, this toolbar button easily allows you to track daily sales and deals on all essential baby items, such as diapers, formula, and baby wipes.

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All In One Ultra Deal Tracker

Based on our popular site -, this toolbar button allows you to track daily deals on frequently purchased items from categories such as baby items, paper products, laundry products, cleaning products, coffee, & groceries.

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