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Todo Compatible with Firefox 57+

A todo addon which lets you to keep a track of your work, stays in browser and available on just a click.
Add your tasks with a click or just enter, mark them done, or remove it from list.

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Bygevoeg op June 20, 2017

WebNowPlaying Companion Compatible with Firefox 57+

Ever wished music info from your web browser could be used in Rainmeter? Well now it can!

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7 gebruikers
Bygevoeg op June 18, 2017

Notifications for Spotify Compatible with Firefox 57+

Add notifications to

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4 gebruikers
Bygevoeg op June 16, 2017

Facebook Blocker Compatible with Firefox 57+

Blocks the Facebook for given time period, For the self motivated people who dont want to get distracted duing work hours

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Bygevoeg op June 14, 2017

BeallsList Compatible with Firefox 57+

I was asked to code a browser based extension of Bealls list as of January 2017 for distribution to students that aren't allowed to use those websites.

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Bygevoeg op June 9, 2017

Notificaciones - Chat Anime Compatible with Firefox 57+

Notificaciones del chat de Manda notificaciones cuando un usuario te menciona en el chat.

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Bygevoeg op June 9, 2017

HackerEarth Challenges Compatible with Firefox 57+

HackerEarth Extension keeps you updated with upcoming challenges and other resources on HackerEarth.

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Bygevoeg op June 8, 2017

MilanoHope Compatible with Firefox 57+

Soyez au courant quand votre streameur préféré commence à streamer!

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Bygevoeg op June 6, 2017

YouTubeNotifications Compatible with Firefox 57+

Shows YouTube notifications in the toolbar.

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Bygevoeg op June 3, 2017

RSSTube Compatible with Firefox 57+

Ajoute un bouton sur les pages de YouTube qui permet de récupérer l'URL du flux RSS d'une chaîne afin de s'abonner à celle-ci par ce biais.

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Bygevoeg op June 1, 2017

etikEczane Etiket Programı Compatible with Firefox 57+

etikEczane Medula Üzerinden Girişini Yaptığınız E-reçetelerinizin Pratik ve Hızlı Bir Biçimde Etiketlerini Bastırmak İçin Yazıldı.

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Bygevoeg op May 31, 2017

What's New, Reddit Compatible with Firefox 57+

Auto-refresh and visual highlight of changes on reddit post pages. When you re-visit reddit /r page new posts will be highlighted with a border. If you stay on a page, it will update every minute.

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Bygevoeg op May 23, 2017

OVERSQUAD Compatible with Firefox 57+

Restez informés de ce qui se passe chez les streamers OVERSQUAD !
Dès qu'un stream est lancé, vous serez tenu au courant via une notification bureau avec ou sans son.Tout ceci est configurable. Maintenant, vous n'aurez plus d'excuses ;)

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Bygevoeg op May 23, 2017

Okta Verify Auto Send Compatible with Firefox 57+

Automatically send an Okta Verify push notification or SMS.

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Bygevoeg op May 19, 2017

Week Ly - Week number Compatible with Firefox 57+

This app shows you the current Week!
-Tool tip shows current week
-Click to show a random quote.

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Bygevoeg op May 16, 2017

Blacklist Source Plugin Compatible with Firefox 57+

Extension marks information portal as a Trash Source based on the blacklist provided by and

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Bygevoeg op May 15, 2017

BuildReactor Compatible with Firefox 57+

Developer notifications and dashboard for CI servers

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Bygevoeg op May 15, 2017

Popupblocker Compatible with Firefox 57+

Popupblocker kann alle Pop-ups blockieren. Viele Webseiten öffnen neue Fenster mit Werbung, wenn man versucht Text zu makieren oder etwas anklickt. Dieses Add-on blockiert das und zeigt einen ganz kleinen Hinweis an.

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Bygevoeg op May 12, 2017

blinklight Compatible with Firefox 57+

Notifies you about new content (such as unread messages) in pinned tabs, using one of your laptop's LEDs, like the power button on newer ThinkPads, or the ThinkLight on older models. Only compatible with Linux!

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Bygevoeg op May 11, 2017

The Unofficial Social Blade Extension Compatible with Firefox 57+

Track your YouTube stats with Social Blade without leaving your current page.

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Bygevoeg op May 3, 2017