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Add Search for Selection into Edit menu

Add "Search for Selection" into Edit Menu

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CSS Live Reloader

CSS Live Reloader is a firefox extension to ease website CSS development. The extension reloads a page CSS whenever it changes on the server, resulting in something close to live editing of the Cascading Stylesheet.

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a basic add-on for blocking advertisement on web page

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Try IT Yourself HTML5 editor

Edit your file HTML directly online with highlight code, advance search and replace and filesystem API HTML5

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Alle wichtigen Links zur MICHAELTELECOM AG + Suchfunktion Online-Shop

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InstaWrap by Wrap'm - Beta

Single click to shorten & share the link of the current tab - Wrap'm

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Redective - The Reddit Search Detective Requires Restart

Quickly search for information about Reddit users.

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IX Email List Requires Restart

Captura la lista de mails de IX Web Hosting, el consumo y sus cuotas.
Antes de ejecutarlo debes haber hecho login en IX.

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Toggle Cipher Suites

This firefox addon provides a quick way to enable or disable various ssl3 cipher suites used in the browser.

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Gives you full video previews throughout YouTube.

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JoplinGlobe De-Paywall Requires Restart

Removes the Paywall from the Joplin Globes website

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CallBridge Мегаплан Requires Restart

Позволяет звонить прямо из CRM "Мегаплан" через софтфон X-lite посредством ClickToCall.

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Расширение yesGame позволяет получить доступ к заблокированным игровым сайтам без внешних ограничений и на максимальной скорости.

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InstaWrap - Shorten and Share

InstaWrap (Powered by Wra'm) allows the user to shorten & share the link of the current tab with just a single click.

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Litecoin price index

Zobrazení ceny Litecoinu v Bitcoinech z burzy Vircurex. Zobrazení ceny Litecoinu v USD z burzy BTC-e.

Automatická aktualizace nebo po kliknutí na jeho text ve stavovém řádku.

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givingabit extension Requires Restart

The ‘forgetmenot’ widget from givingabit, lets you know when you could create a donation – without having to remember to visit the shops from givingabit.com! Any google search results will also highlight which shops can create a donation. Shop Happy!

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iOS Docs

Create links for classes and protocols references in iOS documentation pages

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GContacts Panel Requires Restart

Integrate your Google Contacts with Firefox in a simple way. No need extra login!!!

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Dizzlike Button

Dizzlike everything you want! You can dizzlike annoying comments, ugly photos, useless websites and much more.

Please note that this add-on only works with the facebook app "Dizzlike Profile"

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