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  • Tut genau was es soll: mit einem Klick letzten Tab wiederherstellen. Mit zwei Klicks einen der letzten 25 Tabs wiederherstellen. Dazu wird ein Button oben zu den anderen Buttons hinzugefügt. Ohne dieses Addon über FF geht das auch aber eben umständlicher. vielen Dank
  • Works fine again.
    Then the review tool is the wrong place to report this issue.
    Please open an issue on github.
  • Пожалуйста, добавьте возможность сохранения более 25 закрытых вкладок :)
  • I loved this extension until the update 2-10-19. It has completely stopped wporking for me. I'mk using the latest version of Firefox for my system, version 65.0.1, (64 bit). I made sure that Firefox was saving all history, checked for any possible updates for it. Nothing happens, even with multiple clicks. It was good while it lasted. Really bummed that I have to go find another app since this one has not worked for 3 days and I use the web for hours daily, and no matter how careful I am, I always end up closing the wrong tab now and then.
    The last update only modified handling of the icon drawing (pure optical change without any modification in functionality).
    You can downgrade to any version easily on the installation page. Just if you want to try if the problem really was caused by an update.
    But it's really difficult to track down problems here. It's usually better to get such issues reported on github.
  • Très utile et commode : gain de temps.
  • Works fine, thanks.
    It would be great to have full list of closed tabs from all opened windows (somehow separated and sorted, of course) and list of closed windows (or tabs from them, at least).
    And saved "History" for few days.
    Is it real?
    Any kind of history saving is the task of either Firefox itself (you can configure Firefox to save your session) or of other "Session saving" addons.
    List of all closed tabs is possible. Have a look at the addon configuration.
    Closed windows is a feature request which is listed on github already. So far impossible as the relevant API was broken when I last had a look at it. Maybe I should have another try.
  • This app worked well for me for a long time. Then recently it just stopped working. I saw that it was no longer on the App guide for my Firefox, and there was now another one. So I removed this one and loaded the other one. That doesn't work either, and nobody has been able to suggest why. And I can't find out how to contact Manuel all I can do is leave this comment.

    Thank you M-Reimer for the reply. Have not tried yet but will.
    There is a support link on the Addon page.
    Here it is:
  • It was that wat i was looking for, but unfortunalety i can't see it...grey on grey won't work. On a dark Skin it disappears.
    Can you consider to make a version with diferent colors? white icon on dark grey ...or is there an option that i can do this by myself?

    i simply use FF Dark Mode, what looks quite good.
    after restart of FF 65 B11 it appeared white...before it was greyish und unvisible...will rate you 5 stars.
    only i don't understand this :-)))
    Which theme are you using. "Undo Close tab" supports a wide variety of themes, but some (mostly old and unmaintained) themes don't work with the new APIs.
    Would be nice to know which theme you use.
    To solve your problem: Try a different theme (can even be a dark one).