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  • I have discovered my ability to drag tabs in tree style tab seems to be gone. Do I need to enable some permission?
  • Works perfectly (nonobstant les pertes de fonctions dues au changement du moteur de Firefox, ce qui est indépendant de la volonté de l'auteur) !

    For those who would like to hide the native tab bar :
    - toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets to true
    - create or edit the “userChrome.css” file and add the following :
    #TabsToolbar {
    visibility: collapse;
  • 調べ物をする際にグループ化することで、簡単にタブを管理することもでき、大変満足しています


  • Great extension, love that it can be extended by other extensions too.
  • Nice extension overall. There are a few minor tweaks I wish it had but nothing too big.
  • GANZ WICHTIG: Ich möchte die Tab-Leiste schmaler ziehen, aber das geht leider nicht. Ich würde es gerne so schmal ziehen, dass man nur die Symbole sieht und Lautsprecher.
  • A must have extension. 4-stars because of some features I would like to have:
    * navigate to tab group instead of individual tabs with Ctrl + (number)
    * renaming tab group
  • Не хватает просто папок, хотя может я просто не нашел. В остальном же - приложение показало себя отлично!
  • 与扩展Auto Tab Discard的配合略有瑕疵,标签页是否已丢弃在侧栏的显示经常出现错误。